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Sure, Love may be the absolute best thing in the world, that is, IF it works out. But if it goes unrequited, it turns into an unencumbered monster which destroys you from the inside out, taking everything you have, and believe, and possess dear in along with it. It takes every last of power that you have to try to fight it, and even that may not be enough in many cases. It consumes you. It engulfs you like waves drowning a man stuck at sea in a storm. It’s like a boa constrictor- wraps around you, destroying every bone in your body, and then swallows you whole. It is unforgivably hellish.
Your whole world is out of joint. Days go without you doing much and accomplishing close to nothing. And they don’t go by easy, or fast. The things you loved to do before don’t seem to that fun anymore, sure, you do them anyway just to have something, anything to do but you kinda feel that you have to do them, not get to, and it is awful. Things are just bland, even the ones you did with all your might before. Even menial everyday tasks are a chore. You wanna get out of bed, eat maybe, go to school, college or your place of work- they will drain the energy out of you, energy you barely even possess at this point.

Life seems to be moving in slow motion, as if to cruelly amplify the effect of the already intolerable frustration and misery. Because the thing you want the most, which you can’t let go of, is the thing you want desire the most. You are left to be this sordid, twisted shell of a person that you used to be and what you were before is just so completely alien now.

Not to mention the numbness. Yes, I know it sounds paradoxical and that’s because maybe it is. But that’s the thing, paradoxical things co-exist in that state. You feel everything and nothing at the same time.

This might seem like a very exaggerated account to some, but it is only the gist of it, what I could put into words.Unrequited love is an untamed bitch if there ever was one.

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