On disabilities

There were times when I used to think that with absence of original genuine self-imposed pain, great works of art cannot be created. When I was little I loved playing Beethoven. I loved the crescendo. I was waiting for that part of the sonata in which the piano gets lifted from the ground because of the intensity of the music it produced at the moment. And no such intensity exists but in the works of Beethoven.

Beethoven was deaf. With such disability, he managed to make music.

Lacking the most important organ for that purpose, frustrated and mad at himself (and God), he still made beautiful music. You can fell anger and devastation in his music, as well as furious rebellion against all imposed as normal – the most powerful crescendo of life.  The same crescendo is, most certainly, further along the sonata, accompanied and transformed by most gentle of melodies (as if produced by the moon itself) into something exquisitely unique and beautiful.  

He managed to transform his pain and his disability, as well as his frustration, into most wonderful sounds of music. 

It seems as if he went contrary to nature, producing music without the most important of the senses for that purpose. So what, he seems to say: I can’t hear you, but you are certainly going to hear me, regardless of that.  

Nothing in life is physical. One can disregard the physical disabilities and proceed with everything. One has to understand that it is the whole being that creates.

I choose to call people with disabilities actually “people with hidden genius”, because somewhere in the process in order to lose one ability they must have won elsewhere. They must have become exceptional at another ability. 

I was provoked to think on this subject by a fashion show for people with disabilities.

I liked it so much, it kept my mind active the whole day.

Made me think this: that all of us are the same, all of us have disabilities, but some of the disabilities are visible and some are not.

The unfortunate ones are those the disabilities of whom are visible to the eye. 

For me, personally, there are other disabilities, non-physical ones, which are affecting the whole mankind. 

What about the lack of empathy. What about the lack of sympathy. 

Lack of compassion and lack of trust.

Those are also disabilities, far more important than the visible ones. 

You cannot see them, but they most certainly belong to the much worse kind. 

Remember that!

For me, personally, disabled are those poor at heart.

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