Reasons Why It’s Okay to Love Solitude

 May 12, 2017

Solitude and loneliness are two different things. When one is content with self and loves himself enough, the company is just a matter of choice.

We don’t need a company to validate our existence. Yes, friends are cool and fun but so is solitude. After all, no one understands you better than you do.

Aloneness also gives you time to understand yourself better.

When you spend time alone you know your likes and dislike, you know your flaws and also work on correcting them; you will learn to love yourself and when you can do this you can love others better. There will be comparatively fewer problems in your relationships. You will be so content with yourself that you will not need others validation to love your life. You won’t limit yourself or feel sad about the number of followers or likes you get.


Solitude heals your soul, which was bruised by people in the first place.

Your solitude makes other people uncomfortable while you’re completely comfortable; don’t ask me why it’s above my pay grade to even know the answers.

So folks don’t hold yourselves. Fear no judgments remember people will you judge you no matter what you do. Take yourself for the coffee or the movie all alone. It’s okay to go in the park alone. It’s okay to travel alone. It’s okay to treat yourself.

Give your soul that ‘Me Time’ it craves for.

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