Oh Roller Coaster

Oh Roller Coaster

Oh dear Roller Coaster, here we are yet again. I didn’t buy a ticket to ride you, so you’re not supposed to have me in your cart. I drank my meds and did my part.

But do I enjoy the sights from way up high?

I certainly do, but with a bit of a fear. Whilst being high in the air I’m making so many wrong decisions and doing so many impulsive things. BUT who cares there high in the sky?

It is when the roller coaster comes to a halt that I fear the most, it’s then that the reality sweeps you away, like when your hair blew there at the peak of the roller coaster.

My fear is the damage control, relationships to mend, habits to unlearn, healthy habits to learn, basically starting from scratch again.

Again and again.

Here’s the thing Roller Coaster, I understand that you also didn’t choose to be in my life. I know you were put here to make me stronger, to enjoy life a little extra at times and to let me know what it really feels like to be beyond sad.

You were placed in my life so that I can understand other people with different roller coasters. Short and sweet, it’s a love and hate relationship, I’ll try to accept you and love you.

-By Breathe 101

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