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Oblivion Of Restlessness

Oblivion Of Restlessness

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We as humans can’t let the feeling of not being in control go away. Even the greatest philosophers who believed in the hand of fate can’t even let go of their control until they know it’s out of their hand.

We humans are so obsessed with the feeling of what to come that we don’t even realize that we lost what needs to be cherished in the meanwhile. The complicity of the human mind is marvelously devastating as this can completely create chaos in the time of prosperity and order.

These chaotic thoughts keep bugging the mind yet our vibes still do wonders. It like the devil on our shoulder that keep us occupied with the feeling of restlessness of what to come, or the consequences before even there is a thing, ignoring the angel that is so-called vibes that gives hope to our hopeless existence.

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I guess this is how man is made. Chaos and order within, always battling in such a way that even in the times of light the darkness manages to find its way and show how powerful it is.

We the mankind, lost from the moment we were made, surviving through the hell of our own. Waiting to be rescued, wanting to be happy.

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