Nunchi: The 8 Rules Of This Korean Secret To Emotional Intelligence


2. Observer effect

Whenever you meet someone, you need to spend more time listening to others and observing details like what they like, what irritates them, what makes them happy, their etiquette, and so on. Collecting such data will help you comfort yourself and others. As a result, you can quickly build trust and rapport with everybody you meet. 

3. Develop non-verbal skills

Using nunchi requires Koreans to convey emotions through non-verbal communication skills such as facial expression, body language, eyes, voice pitch, and so on. Because what is not spoken is as important as what is spoken according to Euny. She also says that by speaking less you can automatically get your queries or doubts resolved. At the same time, you gain the power to stay tuned with the environment.

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4. Learn to think fast

People who are well-versed with this Korean concept are not only active listeners but can smoothly gauge others’ moods. For that, you must be quick enough to grasp the social circumstance, adapt fast, and behave as per the context and atmosphere of the situation. Speed is the critical factor if you want to master nunchi!

5. Learn social manners

You must always try to catch up with new words, trends, gestures, circumstances so that you can recalibrate your assumptions or expectations and improve awareness.

6. Be intuitive

Besides tact and perceptiveness, nunchi demands one to have an instinctive sense of how to read a given encounter and how to respond to it.

7. Boost your self-awareness

To hone this skill you must also develop strong self-awareness and a strong understanding of your own emotions so that you can better relate with others.

low self-awareness
Nunchi: The 8 Rules Of This Korean Secret To Emotional Intelligence

8. Build your emotional vocabulary

With a strong emotional vocabulary, you can better express yourself. For instance, instead of just answering “I’m feeling good”, you may speak more specifically say- “I’m feeling enthusiastic”. With such an ability you can boost emotional intimacy with others. Consequently, you will find it easier to read others’ minds, influence people, and develop better connections in a short span of time.

Nunchi not only improves your relationship with your loved ones, friends, colleagues, business partners, and others but boosts self-love and self-promotion.

Koreans who practice this philosophy also have strong self-control. They know how to manage themselves and quieten their mind when intense emotions are gushing in. This habit makes you observant and mindful and helps you focus on yourself rather than others.

At a very basic level, people will be happier to be around you if you have quick nunchi,” says Hong.

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That’s all about the Korean secret to happiness!!!

I hope you enjoyed reading about this mind-blowing Korean philosophy. If you want to develop quick nunchi, just find someone who has already mastered this concept and ask them to guide you. Seek a mentor and practice on a daily basis. Make sure to use your eyes and ears well!

So, are you ready to build your emotional intelligence using nunchi? Let me know in the comments.

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Nunchi: The 8 Rules Of This Korean Secret To Emotional Intelligence
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Nunchi: The 8 Rules Of This Korean Secret To Emotional Intelligence
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