Numerology Of Addresses: What Does Your Number Mean?



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The 8 home is a place of power and prestige.  It’s all about financial abundance and its energy promotes financial gain (and loss), control, authority, and achievement. The personality of this house supports you in getting ahead in the material world. People living in this home will tend to feel as though money and achievement are top priority – therefore it’s vital that you maintain a healthy sense of loving communication with your family members or they’ll feel neglected or second on the totem pole.  The energy of the 8 is all about the mastery of money, yet it’s highest form is in giving back to others and doing business with the utmost integrity. This home is often a “show piece,” so be careful that it represents your values and doesn’t become a vacuous “show home.”  Living here can teach you lessons about personal power, endurance, management, and organization.

Glitches & Potential Challenges:  If you’re looking for a relaxed and low-key environment, this is not the place for you.  The 8 home fosters and focuses on financial achievement and authority in the material world.If your priority at this time in your life is to contemplate the more spiritual or intangible side of yourself, you’ll find the energy of the 8 home challenging.  This home supports abundance in all areas of your life.  The 8 is the “money” number and this home is power central.  This home usually has a certain degree of elegance or “reserve” about it.  The energy of the 8 is all about appearances, yet make sure that there’s a heart to the home or it’ll feel superficial.

Upside:  If you want a supportive environment for advancing your interests in the realms of money and achievement, this is the perfect environment to do it.  This home usually feels as though there’s a lot going on behind the scenes.  Perfect for impressing business associates and it’s also a great place for running a business if it’s a home-based business.

Downside:  The number 8 is all about money and abundance, yet it’s also a risk taking energy and usually attracts losses as well as gains.  You need to understand that resilience is part of the package.  You might find that you have a tendency to become a “hoarder” in this house – always getting more and more “stuff.”  If you’re constantly upgrading the home for “show” purposes, it can become a money pit.  People who live here can become workaholics.  Make sure to balance work and play.   Also understand that the challenge to the energy of the 8 is the opposite of power and abundance – therefore an 8 house might be a place that isn’t particularly opulent.  Yet even if it’s a “regular” home, it usually exudes a sense of pride and refinement. 



The 9 home is a place of humanitarianism.  It’s all about charitable giving and its energy promotes creativity, spirituality, selflessness, and forgiveness. The personality of this house supports you in changing the world to make it a better place. People living in this home will tend to feel as though they want to give back to the world in a substantial way.  The energy of the 9 is all about the letting go – so this is a place where you can heal yourself and others. This home welcomes everyone and people who live here often are (or become) spiritually evolved.  Living here can teach you lessons about giving wise counsel, universal truth, charitable giving, and letting go of the past.

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Glitches & Potential Challenges:  If you’re looking for a place where your focus is more self-centered, this is not the place for you.  The 9 home fosters and focuses on love, compassion, and acceptance of everyone. If your priority at this time in your life is to forge ahead in the world on your own terms, you’ll find the energy of the 9 home challenging.  Your intuition will become highly developed here. Its likely that you’ll find yourself being contacted by people seeking your advice. People are drawn to your home because of the loving and giving energy. The number 9 is an “international” number, so you might find yourself traveling frequently or hosting visitors from other parts of the world. This is also a refuge for healing past wounds – you can count on having opportunities to forgive yourself and others for past indiscretions. The expression of feelings and creativity of all kinds is a must.

Upside:  This is a wonderful home for supporting you if you’re on a humanitarian mission in life.  This can be anything you feel strongly about sharing and giving to the world – as a teacher, artist, counselor, business person, musician, philanthropist.  This is a magnetic home that supports spiritual growth.

Downside:  This home is good for people who’re ready and willing to tap into their compassion, spirituality, and giving.  Sometimes this home can be a home where “loss” occurs.  The 9 is the energy of completions, letting go, and transformation.  This is a place where you’ll experience personal and spiritual evolution – and that isn’t always smooth or easy. 

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