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Numerology Of Addresses: What Does Your Number Mean?



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The 3 home is a place that’s full of joy and laughter and has an optimistic and upbeat energy.  It’s all about communication, emotional self-expression, and creativity.  Its energy promotes socializing, inspired and uplifting conversation, and artistic expression. The personality of this house supports people who want to start a family, engage in innovation and creativity – anyone who wants to live life fully and joyfully feels good in this house.  People living in this home will be encouraged to be emotionally sensitive and tap into their creative expression.  Living here can teach you lessons about communication, emotions, joy, and expression. 

Glitches & Potential Challenges:  If you’re looking for a solitary retreat, this is not the place for you.  The 3 home fosters and focuses on social engagement and joyful expression to the exclusion of a more “serious” expression of life. If your priority at this time in your life is to have some unplugged “alone” time, you’ll find it challenging.  The energy of this home is vivacious, yet it can lend itself to the occupants feeling scattered and unable to follow through with things (commitments, projects, that sort of thing).  You can also find that money slips though your hands when you live here.  Since the energy of the 3 is all about creativity and emotions, you might have a tendency to experience bigger emotional highs and lows in this house, not to mention bouts with self-doubt.

Upside:  Great place to expand your creativity and communication skills.  Perfect for hosting parties and get togethers with fascinating people.  This is a comfortable and inspiring environment for everyone.

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Downside:  This home can be a place where you experience money problems.  You can feel scattered and have trouble focusing and following through with things in your life.  If you’re not open to expressing your creativity and living with joy, you can experience depression and succumb to cynicism.



The 4 home is a place to establish security and stability.  It’s all about the slow and steady processes that produce security.  Its energy promotes hard work, development and implementation of systems, organization, loyalty, and protection. The personality of this house supports growing a business, a family, or your solid investments. People living in this home will be encouraged to maintain conservative actions, hard-working endurance, and grounded practical activities.  Living here can teach you lessons about service, practical goal setting, honesty, and security.

Glitches & Potential Challenges:  If you’re looking for a free-flowing environment, this is not the place for you.  The 4 home fosters and focuses on security to the exclusion of lighter, more creative, or more fanciful endeavors. If your priority at this time in your life is to bring out your fun-loving and freedom-seeking nature, you’ll find the energy of the 4 home challenging.  This home supports hard work and concerted effort.  It’s got a more “serious” vibration and feels very stable, organized, and well managed.  This home is very “earthy” and benefits from a nice garden and does well with live plants in the interior of the home as well.

You might find yourself becoming a “work martyr” or getting too bogged down in your to-do list (just sayno to micromanaging!), particularly if you live in a 13 home – which is a karmic number.  [To learn more about the Karmic Number 13, click here]  It’s important to make every effort to balance work with play and practicality with emotions.

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Upside:  Great place for you if you need to establish a sense of stability and security in your life.  Perfect for slow and steady process meant to endure the test of time.  Also conducive to knowledge seeking and study.

Downside:  This home can feel “heavy” and supports continuous work and meeting of goals.  If you don’t make a concerted effort to take some time off and lighten up, the energy of this home can feel oppressive.  The energy here is all about discipline, structure, and order.

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