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Now, You See Me.

Now, You See Me.

I would like to share a famous quote before we start.

“When the student is ready the teacher will appear. When the student is truly ready… The teacher will Disappear.”
Lao Tzu

There are millions of pages filled with description and detail of above quote. But my opinion about this quote is different, “when a person is awake and decides to move towards the path of his choice and starts listening to his/her inner soul that is when he/she becomes a teacher for self.

Everything around such people becomes learning for them, every act around them becomes vibrant, positive, miraculously happening JUST for them. They start getting lessons from everything. They become observers and seekers at the same time.

And then the time comes when they reach a level for which they were born and they become a teacher to others, giving their life lessons to everyone so that others benefit from their teachings.

So let’s be a teacher to ourselves first, this reminds me of my favorite quote from RV Diary: “Past is Student and Present is Teacher”.

We see people around us in the relations, neighbours, city, state, country or world! Every second doing something amazing. This shakes our inner conscious and we wish that,”Can I be like him/her or do like this/that”. I have some questions to ask everyone, answer them religiously and truly and if you have any doubts, need clarity or guidance, write back to me in my inbox or mail me.

So let’s start –
– Have you tried something bright or strange today?
– Have you become familiar to a mystery, or changed from the desire to be desireless?
– Have you turned your agony into authority, distress into confidence and uncertainty into certainty?
– Have you identified your capability, acknowledged acuity and compliment for brilliance?
– Have you found a new passion, learned new habit or invented a better lifestyle?
– Have you let go of past, rebuilt present and rephrase future?
– Have you closed a pending relation, finished a story or cured a wound?
– Have you set intent of your life, taken a bigger risk or crossed limits to achieve your dreams?
– Have you shown kindness, been a giver, not a receiver or left people better than you found them?
– Did you reconnect with your motive and so felt enlightened?
– Have you released your excuses, shattered your doubts and have freed yourself from your own chains?

Finally, the MASTER QUESTION, Have you discovered your “Now, You See Me?” The question is not Have You. It’s Will You do this for yourself? YES, YOU CAN!!

Let’s be what you were born for. You were born to be the mastermind. You were born to surprise the world. You were born to make FUTURE so that you could arise from ashes with your wonderful persona and could ask the world-


-By Ravinder Virdi

Ravinder Virdi

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