November Full Moon: Taurus may bring us a Sensual Love Relationship

Enjoy a sensual love with someone established

A Taurus Full Moon has the power to re-kindle the passion and romance of even an established relationship that needs a shot in the arm. Feelings of amorousness are helped by not only the sensuousness of a Taurus moon but also because Venus, the Goddess of Love, rules Taurus. If the passion of a long-term relationship has waned, this is a great time to re-connect with our partner in a more passionate and sensual way.

This Full Moon motivates us to re-discover the desire and passion we once felt so deeply for the relationship we committed to years ago. Even though we are familiar with our partner, we may need to set the stage for reintroducing the sensuality that was once so much a part of our lives, but has been lost for some time.

The Taurus moon jolts us from the past conversation, where we told our best friend about our sex life. With regret we confess that sex has gone from twice a day, years ago to once every month or so or may be even less often. The Taurus Moon is our opportunity to bring this intimacy back to our relationship, if not the quantity, at least the quality of what we enjoyed with our partner in years past.

How do the fires of intimacy ignite under this sensuous moon?

They start with both partners talking about their need and desire to connect with each other more romantically and sensually. Both parties have to commit to an effort that takes their intimacy from the mundane and boring to stimulating and exciting.

For some people it begins with a joint pronouncement of “let’s both get dressed up like we use to and go out for an intimate evening.” It can start with a candlelight dinner at that romantic Italian restaurant that served such wonderful pasta and Chianti that made you both smile and stare into each other’s eyes in a way that said, “I’m so happy that you love me!” We remember how that dinner included sharing tiramisu with cappuccinos, as you both held hands.

After dinner, this is the Full Moon to take a night walk along the skyline or beach, holding hands, looking up at the sky and remembering the lyrics to “Blue Moon,” or that old Dean Martin song, “When the Moon hits your eye, like a big pizza pie—that’s amore!” At that magic moment, you share a sensual kiss that conveys your deep feelings of love and the promise that it will last for many Full Moons to come. The drive home brings smiles to both of your faces as you can hardly wait for the night to fulfill its promise, just as it did when you first met.

Sensual activities to enjoy during the Taurus Moon

• Dress up and go to a romantic restaurant.
• Have a drink by a fire with candles lit.
• Go slow-dancing at a jazz club.
• Enjoy a hot tub.
• Go to a spa where you can have a massage together.
• Give the other person a massage.
• Massage each other’s hands and feet.
• Give the other person fragrant flowers or perfume or cologne.
• Put romantic music on while holding hands on the couch.
• Shop together for lingerie.
• Try on the lingerie at the store where you can show the other person how it looks.
• Go out on a date wearing no underwear and tell the person about this at dinner.
• Make love slowly where your only focus is pleasuring the other person.

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