Do not marry a woman who has the same faith.

Do not marry a woman who has the same faith.

Women are the reflections of their men.

They are entitled to mirror their strengths, weaknesses, ego, purity and imperfections but at the same time, they are the one who can lower their walls of negativity. Women shares the authentic capacity to push a man to its greatness. Though the role may feel like subtle, but the power of its subtlety connotates the essence of divinity. Women should speak life despite the death of someone’s soul.

Most women became fanatics of idealism. Being confused of worshiping one spirit trying their best to reflect it into flesh. Women on whom should be the angels of justice and truth but chose to suit on a meat of a sinner that was patterned by a Mary. I am not here to mock one’s faith, but I’m here symbolizing the majorities on a land where religiosity lives. It is not about us clashing our opinions but instead voicing out women as a whole— who felt trapped, motionless and drained.

“Do not use the name of the Lord in vain”, but men are chasing women using the name of their God making it as a leeway to win over them, to see them naked and to fuel their lust. While women are embracing it as an excuse to follow the so called “submission”. Submission that we thought will fulfill us on being a woman after our God’s own heart. Henceforth, we are all just another being who can’t win the game of nature, another being on whom should we embrace who we are by not harming others.

Try to be with a woman who can speak same frequency with yours not actually, someone who has the same faith. Marry a woman who will accept you for who you are, for all the shits and craps.  Do not dwell on the presence of a woman who want to change you by all means, pressuring you to change; extremism of a belief or a woman who prioritize their image to the higher pedestal of a god. So do me a favor, stick to a woman who from the start can distinguish authenticity and differences though in honesty, few were left while others are struggling hugging themselves, still continue to crave for it— that authenticity, rawness.

Marry a woman who has different faith with yours. Marry a woman who speaks her mind, the one who can wait for no one, the one who has dreams or goals. Someone who is independent and will shatter your world to feel the utopia of the divine. Marry someone who hugs your demons even the lights are on. A “someone” who’s willing to meet halfway for the sake of growth, development and goodness. Call me realist, but be with someone who will love you selflessly and wholeheartedly.

Dear man, you deserve greatness, you deserve authenticity.

By Ella Zarcilla


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