Not Lost

Not Lost

 Just because everyone around you seems to be moving at the speed of light, doesn’t oblige you to do the same. May be lighting speed is not meant for you. May be you are the ocean, spread far and wide, Calm and collected, knowing your potential and serving your purpose without overpowering anything or anyone. Just occasionally losing your cool but that’s okay, that is meant to happen for everyone to see that you exist. Perhaps not like the fast lights but for everyone to feel your presence linger. Yes, you linger. You captivate people and circumstances in your own way just like the ocean does. Lighting gives people momentary excitement, it comes and go in a blink of an eye. It is powerful enough to destroy. People process the sight with a gasp and move on. And then there’s the ocean, mindful and always humming. Always a pretty sight to see. Intimidating and powerful. Soothing if some were to admit. You are the ocean. The ocean is never lost, YOU are never lost.

Some days you feel high as fuck and some days you feel so low that the ground feels like devouring you. But all the more it’s you, you’re there staying put. Hurting and agitating but you are not giving up on yourself. To the situation maybe because it’s hindering your growth but not on yourself. Still far from being lost.

No promises, no high hopes. Like the ocean, your presence is felt because you were always there, noiseless. You’ll be there without having to impose your authority. You will never be lost.

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