This Is Why We Will Not Give Up On Love

 February 13, 2017


We are too strong to give up on love.

We are too young to say no to the possibility of falling in love again. We have plenty of time and energy to embrace our imperfections and work towards improving ourselves. We need to be the example to the world that it’s alright to be showy of our affections, to be expressive of our thoughts, to be honest with our feelings.

Let’s promise to never ever say no to love. We owe it to ourselves to be happy in all that we do, to be comfortable with our own skins, to be proud of who we are. We owe it to people who love us, raise us, and cultivate us to select a better half who’s going to give us the same care, respect, and affection.

You see, sometimes we get discouraged to give love a try because we’re so scared to fail again. But we have to persevere, to be patient, and to be optimistic in searching for love. Because one day when we’re all curled up on the couch with the people that are meant for us, we’re going to look back on our lives, and be thankful to the moments that we didn’t give up.

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3 comments on “This Is Why We Will Not Give Up On Love

  1. How we can say no to love ?? How ??? Everything on this ground is From love : can mother no love her baby? Can you no love your son ? Can son no love father….can you no love your lover .. and .. and so really we can’t say this ; no love no life .. just after died no love ;;; You breathe So you love

  2. Love have 3 elements. Intimacy, Passion and Commitment.
    Intimacy is sharing things into your partner that you don’t share with anybody else. Passion is the one you think, this is a physical attraction or sex. Commitment or decision, the decision that one is in a love Relationship, the willingness to label it as such, and a commitment to maintain that relationship at least for some period of time. If you have this 3 elements you have love. A perfect love.

    • ….thanx for all ,but you defined here abt critical pathway of love/life.but what you think abt centre of love.,,,,here my little bit opinion iz dat it iz a hiding shadow,where human create nd destroyed it in daily li

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