Not for the glory

Not for the glory

This is my written poem, reaching out to more people, there is enough hate in the world, so we need to work to give more love and support to people. I don’t write for the fame or glory, i do this for my words to reach out, this is my only way to express myself. I want to encourage people, change people’s life as simple words can do just that.

Not for fame or glory:

I don’t do this, to have my name in sparkling lights,

Nor for the fame or the glory, something that has never really interested me,

I do this for my voice to be heard, played to those who need it the most,

For my written words to touch another, to save another’s soul,

I don’t crave anything but that,

So, while I’m still breathing, my words shall speak louder above all the rest,

Because I want to tell people, not to end their life’s, because they have a role, a role that no one else can play,

Not to listen to those poisonous words spat from a person’s lips, for they have a place on this earth, one that they can never take away or replace,

That you, yes you are drop dead gorgeous, in every single way, no matter what they say,

I want to shout, you yes you are strong enough to do this, you were built for this, now show them what your made of,

I want to reach out, hugging with my words another, telling them it will all work out alright in the end,

So, while I’m still breathing, I shall keep going, trying to reach more people, just to let them know, they have a supporter, Willing to follow them to the very end of this world,

we don’t need more hate, there is enough of that to go around, we need to share love and support for those who need it most,

so, let this be my poem for all those struggling and for those who need a gentle word of encouragement, no matter who you are or what you look like, I’m here to be there for you.

written and read by: Poems play.

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