Not Every “Sorry” Deserves An “Okay” In Return

Not every sorry deserves an okay in return

Not every “sorry” deserves an “okay” in return

20 thoughts on “Not Every “Sorry” Deserves An “Okay” In Return”

  1. Some people create a storm and do the ultimate damage and walk away like they don’t give a shit .. And not so much as a sorry .I mean I might not always be right or correct at least I can apologise though and learn from my mistakes and realise small mistakes cost you dear . some people create the ultimate trouble stir the shire then get up and walk away like whatever those sort of people aren’t real friends ..they aren’t there to help you or care about you they are there because being a shit is their hobby

  2. Don’t believe in holding grudges or getting too angry its the violation and pain that’s long lasting where the scars are too open and wounding . tonight I was more upset than I’ve been in a long time . can I forgive this one ..I’m so numb I really ain’t sure ..

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