Not Every Love Story Is The Same

Not Every Love Story Is The Same

What I am writing isn’t about something that happens more often. It’s a once in a lifetime kind of thing. It is sad yet beautiful in its own way, and heartbreaking for the reason that one has to let go of it as soon as the deviations of fate hit hard. It’s a tale of how two souls, connected by an atypical love story, only to read each other and then part ways for they just have to. For their destinies are written in the scars.

So here it goes. In life, if you’re lucky enough, you come across someone whom you feel like you have known for a considerably long time. It’s rare to happen and strange with its aftermath. In this universe, like so many scientific reasoning and theories, I think the way humans connect with each other still remains an unsolved mystery. Or I would rather say, no human can explain that feeling of relativity one human feels towards the other, that heavy existing tension, something like a gravitational pull. The feeling that rinses the conscience of two people falling together for something meaningful, with the thought of pondering on what seems to be strange and amusing at the same time. And let me write here, that it’s not about falling for physical features of someone. It’s far beyond the superficial parameters.

Do you believe in signs? Vibes? Matching frequencies?

We can’t completely neglect that these exist, and have an effect on our perceptions and ultimately on our lives, our minds and hearts. We can’t ignore or rule out the sense of pulling force which one feels when one is around that particular person, who brings out the best in you. I won’t use the term attraction for this here, for it will be like demeaning the purity and preciousness of the sentimental and intellectually stimulating force one experiences in that type of special interaction and unidentified relation two souls share by simply sharing their positive influence on each other. It’s like you have known this person and that person knows you too, and having long conversations isn’t necessary for you two to understand each other’s mind. You both know what you need to know. And it just keeps going like this. It’s mutual. Nothing more, nothing less.

Love Story
Love Story

You know this world has misconceptions about the most strong, colorful yet melancholic emotion called love. People think of it as wanting to be with someone for the rest of their lives only, where the endpoint is getting married and spending their whole lives with that person. That’s it. Love is supposed to follow this pattern to be truthful and accomplished in all true sense. And if not, then it’s nothing else but misfortune and a depression brewer.

So what if I say, this is not how it is always supposed to be. Or should I say, not all stories have a happily married ending in their fate? Sometimes, two people can find love in the most unexpected ways, in the most unexpected times, and most importantly when they both know that they can never be together. Why? Because that’s how it’s written for them. To find the connection, and then to let go of it, knowing that both of them will always remember each other for the rest of their lives.

So how can this type of love let anyone live in peace? Right? The emptiness that follows the letting go phase is everlasting, to be honest. But the realization of a complete love yet an incomplete story gives one the courage of going ahead with life. For you have to live and be happy and successful for yourself and for each other. Finding each other, being strong and doing well in life is what matters for both of you now.

Who says togetherness has only one definition. Two people can be there for each other in the form of their deeply attached thoughts and most importantly sincere prayers.

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