10 Key Traits Of An Ambivert

6. You’re comfortable in most of the environments.

Ambiverts can thrive in both stimulating and non stimulating environments.

They can enjoy a calm and smoothing morning walk as much as they enjoy loud music at the party.

“Because they gain energy both from spending time with others and from alone time, most situations and environments can suit them,” Dr. Brenner says.

They are flexible, which can help them to speak to crowds and spend time alone in a work setting in front of a computer researching or writing. – Dr. Brenner 


7. You can be indecisive and unpredictable.

Since you enjoy both alone time and spending time with people, sometimes you might just get confused and become indecisive as to what you want to do.

Sometime you might be confused between two lucrative ideas of either going out for a brunch with friends or sit at home and watch a movie. Because both the options seem equally exciting to you.

At other times, you might fail to comprehend your mood.

“When you find yourself in a social situation that you’re not in the mood for, you might become irritable or unusually quiet,” says Dr. Brenner.

“Or, you may find yourself completely bored when you’re alone at home, even though you know in the back of your mind there’s a book you’ve been meaning to read forever or a project you have to do.”


8. You have a love hate relationship with social media.

If you are an Ambivert, then you have a love hate relationship with the social media.

A part of you wants to stay in touch with people and seeks pleasure from social interactions while a part of you seeks alone time and is indifferent to what is going on in social media.


9. Your friends come to you for advice.

Since you have the traits of both Introversion and extroversion, your wisdom and balance attracts your friends to you for advice.

They know that you can be a good listener and also is observant, perceptive and intuitive. They amalgamation of characteristics from both the personality types give you the extra wisdom which your friends seek from you.


10. You have great entrepreneurial qualities.

The Wharton’s study has proved that Ambiverts and not Extroverts excel at sales.

Also, if you are an Ambivert you can be a great leader because you can relate to the thoughts of both your introverted and extroverted co workers with ease.

You have a calm and balanced approach with a right blend of assertiveness and enthusiasm that makes people to respect you and follow your lead.


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