6 Ways to Practice Non-Attachment and Find Inner Peace

practice non-attachment and find inner peace

6. See how transient all things are.

Look around you and try to find something that will last forever. Who or what will last eternally? The reality is that all things will sooner or later die. By reminding yourself of this fact, you will start living life as fully and completely as possible. Seeing the transience of life is deeply saddening but also gives us the opportunity to experience true joy.

If everything lasted forever, what a boring thing life would be! Death helps us to appreciate life. So appreciate it while you have it. Furthermore, use this recognition to fuel your pursuit to find that which doesn’t change, or that which is eternal. Start looking within and you will be surprised … or more than surprised, ecstatic!

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Non-attachment and letting go, go hand in hand. If you want more guidance on how to let go, I recommend checking out our article 42 Powerful Ways of Letting Go of Anger and Heartbreak. This article is packed to the brim full of helpful tips and advice.

When all has been said and done, non-attachment is one of the keys to experiencing an enlightened form of living that is grounded in the here and now, and is wildly and utterly alive. Non-attachment isn’t about becoming some dull “emptied” husk-of-a-person – it is about living with the aliveness, rawness, and simplicity of a true Master.

So now I’ll turn it over to you: what are your thoughts on non-attachment? Do you have any useful tips to share with this community?

Written by Mateo Sol
Originally appeared on Loner Wolf
Why Non-Attachment Is The Key To Finding Inner Peace Pin
practice non-attachment and find inner peace pin peace
practice non-attachment and find inner peace pin
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