Nobody is omnipotent – not even God!

Nobody is omnipotent – not even God!

Do you think – God is omnipotent?

You may be right but I doubt it and would you like to know, why?

To know the reason, just have a look at the following diagram which shows – how, the bulk of the sun rays fritter away in all possible directions, in the sky.

Nobody is omnipotent – not even God!

Since all planets of the sun revolve in a saucer-shaped annular space around the sun as shown in the diagram, only a wee bit of the sun rays produced by the sun falls on its planets.  The rest of the sun rays just escape upwards and downwards the sheath of the space in which the planets revolve around the sun.

Though nothing appears to be much too wrong with it, you would not even believe – how small is the “wee bit”, we are referring to.

Can you imagine, as much as 99.999998909 to 99.999999909 per cent of the sun rays escape into space which does not serve any useful purpose, whatsoever?

As is well-known, the mean distance of the earth from the sun is 149.6 x 10 ^ 6 km.

If we calculate the surface area of the spherical dome having a radius of 149.6 x 10 ^ 6 km, rest of the sun rays pass through, it works out to 4 π. (149.6 x 10^6)^2, that is 2.8135 x 10^17 sq km.

Since the equatorial diameter of the earth is 12760 km, only 2.5586 x 10^8 sq km of the earth’s surface gets exposed to the sun, calculated as follows, during the day-time.

The surface area of the earth exposed to the sun @ half of the total surface area of the earth = (π x 12760^2) / 2, which is merely “0.91 x 10^(-7) per cent” of the area of the entire dome, which was worked out as 2.8135 x 10^17 sq km.

So, it construes that only 0.91 x 10^(-7) percent of the total sun rays emitted by the sun” fall over the area of the earth facing the sun during the daytime on the day the sky may be clear, that meets the needs of the earth to let the life go on – on it but as much as 99.999999909 percent of the sun rays do not fall over the earth.     

What a “colossal wastage”?

Do you think – God would not have known about it?

Yet he did not bother about it.

Could you have expected any worse deal than this quantum of energy going waste from somebody whom we call “omnipotent”, not only since the universe should have come into existence but to even continue till the sun cools down and stops generating sun rays?

Should he not have evolved some system of putting the sun rays that do not fall on the earth for some use – whatsoever?

He may have evolved some system but nobody seems to know about it.

Even if we think that we should not consider the sun rays that fall on the other planets as a “wastage” – the figure of the percentage of the sun rays that come into use would, at the best, rise from 0.91 x 10^(-7) tosay, 10.91 x^(-7) and would let the figure 99.999999909 % slip down to 99.999998909 %.

Obviously, not a big deal!

If 99.999998909 to 99.999999909 % of the solar energy does not get recycled, it does not speak too highly of Him to have deserved to have been revered as “omnipotent”. 

To have been thought of as having been “omnipotent” was merely a ploy.

If not so, shall anyone come forward to tell us – what is the truth?

As we know, our sun alone produces about 3.8 x 10263.8 x 10^36 joules of radiant energy per second. If we add to it, the energy being produced by all the suns of the cosmos, it would make anybody go out of wits. 

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  1. This is dumb. Do you even know what omnipotent means, it means all powerful and the fact that you are using science to justify that you know better than god is just wrong

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