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No problem is ever solved — you grow out of them.

This has to be very very deeply understood. Trying to solve problems is almost futile, because no problem is ever solved.

Problems exist because of a particular consciousness. When the consciousness changes, they drop.

For example, in the morning a small child cries and weeps because in a dream he had a beautiful toy, and now he has lost it. So in the morning he cries for his toy. How can you solve it? You cannot make him understand that it was a dream, because in childhood dream and reality are not separate departments.

But one day he grows, and he comes to understand that it is a dream. The problem is not solved yet — but now the problem is no more. He has come to understand it is a dream, and that the problem doesn’t exist.

Here religion gives a totally new dimension. Religion says that problems will exist if you remain the same, because you create them in the first place. Your particular consciousness creates them as a shadow.

So don’t be bothered about the problems — raise the consciousness to a higher level. Once the consciousness is on another level, these problems simply become meaningless. And that’s what growth is all about.

Vickram Aadityaa

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