Who are you when no one’s watching ?

Who are you when no one's watching ?

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22 thoughts on “Who are you when no one’s watching ?”

  1. Me. The same me as when everyone happens to be watching. There’s no difference. I’m always me. Every last up, down, good, bad, funny, bitchy, sarcastic, whinny, complaining, childish, serious, energetic, depressive, happy, aggressive, angry, elated, blue, pensive, anxious, stressed, intellectual, analytical, kind, compassionate, loving, nurturing, strong, courageous, protective, loyal, clever, oblivious, cold, disconnected, clueless, oversexed, blunt, obtuse, overly sensitive, neurotic, crazy, sloppy, perfectionist, ditzy, bubble headed, fowl mouthed, tom boy, innocent, devilish, dirty-minded, girly-girl and nerdy mood plus everything in between is ALWAYS me, whether someone is watching or not. A complete contradiction and everything all at once at the same time. I’m all of those things and so much more. If you can handle all that, then we’re good.

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