No one is going to love you

No one is going to love you

“No one is going to love you exactly like you imagine. 
No one is ever going to read your mind 
and take every star from the sky 
at the perfect time and hand it to you. 
No one is going to show up at your door on a horse, 
with a shoe you lost. 
Do you understand? 
That’s why you have to love yourself enough, 
so that any other love 
just adds more candles 
to the cake your’ve already iced.” 
~ Stephanie Bennett-Henry

15 thoughts on “No one is going to love you”

  1. Avatar of Karim Gayraud

    So wrong on so many ways. This is a dangerous half truth prepetrated by a terrible agenda through immature spirituallity. We are the gateway for love and redirecting it to itself is a sure way to disrupt the flow of love which is its true nature. Do people really think that the story of Narcisus was invented just for fun with no truth behind? One only need to respect what they are, and let their love flows out without too much empediments. This is the only way to add true light to oneself rather then mere artificial candle lights easly blown off. All has been done to seperate us from each other to block the flow of love, to isolate us as individuals. Read the Kybalion. Study the true laws of nature. The agenda behind this love yourselves will become obvious. Remember that loves flows through us, and for that redirecting it to ourselves is only an ego trap. If it flows through us and love is infinite, then we will always have more then we need without having to redirect it to ourselves. Just be what you are supposed to be and that can only be done by respecting what we are without trying to be something else, which is the true ego trap. Wisdom is the knowledge of limits, equilibrium, balance. Loveing oneself is no wisdom. Respecting oneself and everything else is wisdom. This is the limit for the one that can understand. We are NOT the source. We are but windows to the source, and so we can chose to open our shutters to let the source flow through, or let our ego take over by closing our shutters and make belief that we are the source. Unfortunately too many no longer see through such a simple concept that they cannot believe in the ONE and at the same time think that as individual they are the ONE. Narcisism indeed has got the best of so many, lost in the famous labyrinth of the mythologies and without the thread of ariadne to help them out as their own ego has denied them even that.

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