No More

No More

No more mind altering numbing lies, no excuses or alibis,

No more tricks to prove ur wrong,

U will realize this after I’m gone, no more tears to fall from my eyes, I seen who was behind ur mask of lies. No more rejection, no more trust

For all other women,

I’ve seen ur lust.

No more saying , I love you,

U never meant it, you

Were untrue.

Never again will I believe anything u say.

U will be sorry for how u treated me some day.

No more will it matter when u ignore me,

From the beginning you weren’t meant for me.

No more on my face waiting for u to care,

U never did when my soul was bare,

All that’s left is regret & shame,

It will do u no good to call my name.

U have taught me well to live without u,

I hope u wonder now, what you will do.

I realize I was the one who loved while u pretended, u were a ghost,

But love is blind , and I always loved u the most.

Now I’ll walk through walls & walk through doors,

I’m a ghost now, go play with ur whores

For I’ll no longer beg u, ill no longer cry

I waited for ur call, when I thought I would die.

U killed a part of me that was for only you,

I was in love , & u left me broken & blue

But I picked my self up , @ u lost control,

Of a love so strong down to my soul.

I some day u see what u lost,

When u dont love the one beside u,  u will reap the cost.

But that’s when I’ll have no mercy on u,

U kicked me when I was down, & knew not what to do. U were like an addiction , but now I’m sober,

I’ll do this again,

When hell freezes over!

U will get past what I call the LOVE HIGH,

U will leave them,

like me, feeling like they will die,

It’s so sad that u will never experience real-love

U wont be there after the high , u call love

 In the beginning it was great,

I just didn’t realize ,

U were so FAKE.

Now I see u, u can no longer lie

U never really loved me,

U were just high.

Now that I’m no longer high,

Once bitten, twice shy.

Move to the next & put on ur mask,

For when another loves u.

U will surly run fast.

Ur the kind of man that loves only yourself

Responsibility & truth,

U have never dealt.

U never existed u were only a ghost,

hiding behind a mask ,

Of lies u post.

Trolling the net like a phantom at night,

Thinking ur deceiving me, behind ur light.

U really think u put me in my place

But u will be back,

And I’m gonna punch u in ur face

I’m done with u, and it’s about time,

 the next line won’t rhyme

                     Fuck u Narcissist

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