No Matter How Long It Takes, Death Awaits

No Matter How Long It Takes, Death Awaits
Stephanie Salud Lopez

No matter how long it takes,
death awaits.

Sherry Greene

Death smiles
Waiting patiently
For each of us
And our appointments
Made long ago
Now growing closer
Inevitable destiny

Karthik Parthasarathy

As the clock of life ticks on,
The grim reaper awaits his chance,
With a smile on his face,
More and more eager with anticipation.
Can’t live life by that clock,
Now is the time to realize,
Present is the ultimate prize,
Live life and never bother
about the tick-tock.

Sarrvesh Waran

As death rests on the clock,
I run aimlessly along with the flock.
What’s my calling, my destiny,
I search and search to achieve.
Whereas, life hits me hard
and tests my will.
Finishing the race is not winning.
Death will doubtlessly do that for me.
I just have to run.
I just have to LIVE.
It’s just me in the end,
as death greets me
like an old friend.

Debra L Laing

We all are granted
certain hours of life,
And for years
we seldom keep track
Of the Reaper who waits
with a smile on his face,
But fear not!
We all can smile back!

Jaimie Mazzone

Death lurks in the clock
of our own subconscious.
Time is only an illusion,
the mind as designed.
Free yourself from
the clenches of the reaper
and have no fear!
Defeat this and reconnect
with your infinite self
where you never truly die.

Rico Moreno

Live each day
as if its your last.

Victor Webber

Death smiles at all of us,
it’s only a matter of time


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