Nipping Off The Thoughts

Karthik Parthasarathy

Nipping off the thoughts
and hence my words
As soon as I sense the danger
Of thinking and saying too much.
The right thing to do,
Saves me time and effort,
Gives me peace of mind,
Never having to deal
with them again.

Debra Pry

Thinking too much
kills your joy.

Jaimie Mazzone

Do not cut your ideas
down for anyone out of fear.
Break your voice free
and let your thoughts be heard!
For it is those who dare to speak
that have the most profound ideals.

Rinku Shah

Uncontrolled thoughts
Leaves the mind in knots.
A thoughtless word,
Is never really heard.
Time to think before you speak,
Enough of this tongue in cheek.
Your power lies in you,
Be wise in what you do!

Nuhrez Khan

One just cannot wish away
the rabid utterances but rather
reflect before the thoughts
are conveyed into words
that you need not hide from.

Sarrvesh Waran

When thoughts stink,
Be sure to cut the link.
Be aware and cut the base,
When you sense thoughts
coming in disgusting ways.
You are responsible for your thoughts.
Don’t be carried away
when they come in lots

Aditi Arya

Don’t cut off your thoughts
because they do not confirm
to the pattern of the society.
Never be ashamed to speak out
what you are thinking. Never.

James Webb

Silence your mouth
and silence your mind.

Brian Todd

Think before you speak.

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