The Nice ‘F*ckboy’ You Should Stay Away From

 December 21, 2017

The Nice 'F*ckboy' You Should Stay Away From

When a guy is clear about his relationship with you, he doesn’t feel guilty if you think otherwise. If he has already told you that he wants to have a sexual relationship then he wouldn’t be bothered if you want something more than that. That’s not his problem.

Yes, it’s hard but you have it top let it go. What’s the point of hanging around someone and get disappointed every single time when he has made it clear that he doesn’t want you?

He is definitely a nice guy but he is not your nice guy.

Wasting time behind him, you are ignoring guys who can be the one for you. There are millions of nice guys out there for you and the one for you is still waiting.

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The Nice 'F*ckboy' You Should Stay Away From


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