New York is 3 Hours Ahead Of California

New York is 3 hours ahead of California, but that does not make California slow. Cameroon is six hours ahead of New York but it does not make New York slow. Someone graduated from college at 22 but waited five years before securing a job. Someone became a CEO at 25 but died at 50. Someone became a CEO at 50 but lived to 90 years. Someone is still single, While another is married with children Absolutely, everyone in this world works based on their own time zone. People around you might seem to be ahead of you. That’s total fine. Some are behind you. Everyone is running their own race in their own time zone. Don’t envy or mock them. They are in their own time zone and you are in yours. Life is about waiting for the right moment to react. So RELAX. You’re not late You’re not early. You’re very much on time



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