New Parents, Listen Up: Passion and Parenting Can Co-Exist

New Parents Listen Up Passion and Parenting Can Co Exist

Sexual desire can return after kids. Once new parents realize how important it is for the overall quality of their relationship, they can begin to discuss how to reignite the flames.

How can couples with children maintain intimacy in relationship? Watch out this interesting video:

Sex therapist Lonnie Barbach suggests using numbers to gauge the desire for sex. For example, one partner maybe a 7 or 8 (very interested) and the other may be a 2 (low interest).

The number 2 may not be a personal rejection, but perhaps more of a “No for now.” The partner who is a 7 or 8 can decide if they want to initiate sex further in the hopes of getting their partner interested. With the right moves, the number 2 partner may quickly move up the scale of arousal.

Many couples report that scheduling time to make love keeps them committed to following through and is something they look forward to experiencing.

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The idea of scheduling sex may seem silly, but the truth is that sex is rarely ever truly spontaneous. Newly dating couples still plan for love making by choosing a special outfit, buying new cologne, or picking a steamy playlist in anticipation of the night ahead.

Planning regular date nights away from your baby can also help replenish and fortify your relationship. Some other ideas include morning love making or spooning during nap times.

Sexy messages throughout the day build excitement for the night ahead and make courting playful, lighthearted, and fun. Intentionally carving out this time with your partner helps to remind you that you are a team, which, in turn, makes it easier for you to tackle daily struggles in a united way. In the long run, it also helps you to be better co-parents to your child.

Having children is most definitely a game changer, but it doesn’t have to be a romance killer. With just a little bit of effort, new parents can preserve intimacy in the midst of early morning wake-ups, around-the-clock feedings, and at times an overwhelming set of new responsibilities.

What’s your stake on passion and parenting? Leave a comment below.

New Parents Listen Up Passion and Parenting Can Co Exist
New Parents Listen Up Passion and Parenting Can Co Exist
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