Your Horoscope For The Super New Moon In Scorpio – 15 November 2020

Super New Moon In Scorpio predictions

New Moon Predictions for Pisces:

Finances receive much stress from this New Moon and this waning Moon period. It might not feel this way, but this stress is not as much as the previous New Moon gave them. Cutting down unnecessary expenses, being extra careful with your investments and orders, and exercising cautions in your dealings can help you reduce significantly, or even avoid any problems that might come your way. In some cases, you might achieve do even better than that, too.

Your mood and your emotional condition aren’t in their best condition, either. Social life, too, receives some stress, but there, the beneficial energies are much stronger. Moreover, online social activity and work-related one receive mostly supportive energies. Also, your productivity seems quite good.

Mars’ square with Jupiter:

As we’ve seen before, and will keep on seeing until early 2021, Mars forms some stressful 6-months long aspects.

Mars’ square with Jupiter was accurate on the 19th of October. Thanks to Mars being very slow-moving, right now, and Jupiter’s super speed, this square is barely active, and it will remain so the whole waxing Moon period. Nonetheless, the square will remain active until the 24th of February 2021, when Mars will be in Taurus and Jupiter in Aquarius. During this period, being too optimistic is not, in fact, positive thinking, but a way to hindrance our progress. Worrying too much is also easy to happen and it is just as ill-advisable as being too optimistic is. The same is true for being impatient.

Furthermore, financial risks should be avoided. Scams and fake opportunities promising to get you rich fast are possible to appear and should also be avoided. Any kind of investment should be considered extra carefully.

Mars’ square with Pluto:

Similarly, Mars is forming a square with Pluto. This square became accurate for the second time on the 9th of October, and, therefore, this one, too, won’t be very strong, until the last few days of this waxing Moon period. The square, though, started acting on the 23rd of July and it will remain so until the 16th of January 2021, without a break. This is a difficult to handle aspect and needs much care and attention. During this long period every kind of change we intend to do must be done slowly and after thinking of it thoroughly. Even then, disappointments might take place. Harrying things up and pressing situations can guarantee failure, unless Mars in your Natal Chart is very auspiciously active, or Mars makes very good aspects with your Natal planets. Even then, though, being too hasty, or too forceful can backfire.

This aspect can also produce intense negative feelings and mindset. Especially for a week before and after the dates when the aspect becomes accurate, or when Mars receives additional stress. Mars, unfortunately receives much of it, and long-term one, too, throughout the whole period. Furthermore, Pluto can cause emotional issues to act up even when it is overly active beneficially. Even worse so when it is stressfully active. During the whole 6 month long period, Pluto will always be super active, too. So, take good care of your emotional condition and your mood. If you are dealing with psychological issues, or you have such a history, be even more watchful.

Mars’ square with Saturn:

Finally, Mars forms a square with Saturn. This square has been active since the 31st of July and it paused its activity on the 2nd of November. It will start acting again on the 10th of December and until the 7th of February 2021, and it will become accurate for the third time on the 13th of January. Therefore, during this waxing Moon period, this square won’t be affecting us.

Nevertheless, keep in mind that during the whole period of its activity, physical health needs great attention. If you are working out keep your routine as is. Make only minor changes and reluctantly so. Relaxing it permanently is okay, though. In the same time, if you don’t exercise, then adding some light – very light – form of exercise in your daily routine is advisable. Make sure it is light and easy for you, not whatever might be commonly considered as light and easy. Aerobic kind of exercise is more advisable than body building and the like.

Making significant changes in your diet is not advisable, but taking some extra calcium and vitamin C are good general advice. Of course, consult your doctor before making any health care supplements, and don’t overdo it. As Mars is retrograde, old health issues might act up. Repetitive issues might also re-occur. The musculoskeletal system, the digestive one and the circulatory system are the most sensitive. High blood pressure, feverish conditions and other fiery conditions also need some extra attention and better care. Accidents can also happen. When engaging with dangerous activities, be extra careful. The same is advisable for when engaging with fire, or metal. Drive extra carefully, too.

Just like with Pluto’s square, disappointments are possible and forcing things to move on is not the right policy.

The rest inauspicious aspects of the New Moon:

Mercury opposes Uranus since the 28th of September. This opposition became accurate, for the first time, on the 7th of October and, then, again on 20th. Now, it will become accurate for the 3rd time on the 17th of November and it will finally stop affecting us on the 24th of November. During the whole period of its activity, technology and whatever depends on it can be more challenging and more problematic. High-tech equipment can act oddly, or it might need repairs, or replacement. Since now we are entering an Ecliptic Period, these effects might become more intense.

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