04 May 2019, New Moon in Taurus: Predictions for Each Zodiac Sign


New Moon Predictions for Sagittarius:

Work seems nice enough. Colleagues and business partners can some times cause you some unsettlement, but, overall, things are proceeding nicely and peacefully. Your income is also good. If it has been unstable, or at risk, now things are becoming more stable and secure. Love life also receives some beneficial influences. Those searching a new relationship will enjoy them more than those already in a relationship. The latter will experience some stressful moments, too, with their other half, but, for them, too, overall, the period is beneficial.

Although this period calls for enjoying your life and some luxuries, and it can also promote your plans through such means, overdoing it can become problematic. Try to avoid this trap. Especially when expenses are involved, or neglecting your obligations.

New Moon Predictions for Capricorn:

This is a good period for socialising, meeting new people, or re-establishing contact with people you’ve lost contact with. Having a nice time, and taking care of yourself can benefit you in more ways than you’d expect, too. Home and family can occasionally stress you and upset you, but, overall, they’ll provide you with more reasons to be happy than not. Health issues in the family can also have a pleasant development. Some times, after some stressful developments, though.

Your own health, needs some good care. Resting, relaxing, finding time for yourself and taking good care of yourself are things you shouldn’t neglect. Changing your dietary habits, unless your health care practitioner advices you to do so, is not advisable for the period.

New Moon Predictions for Aquarius:

Social life becomes quite active and important under the influences of this New Moon and this waxing Moon period. Your social circle can also help you with you with work matters and your personal projects and desires. Love can also come to you through such means. Expanding your social circle is also possible. All these are true, of course, for your social media accounts, as well.

Trade can be stressful, but it is good. Other kinds of jobs are receiving more beneficial influences than stressful ones, but, overall, neither of them will be really strong. Love life, for those in a relationship can become stressful, occasionally, too. Nonetheless, your stress levels need some monitoring.

New Moon Predictions for Pisces:

This can become quite a productive period, whatever you are working on. Work itself can also be productive, of course. Actually, there is some stress regarding your job, but the beneficial and supporting influences are stronger, so expect good developments, even if they come after some stressful ones. Income can also rise.

Expenses, though, can be greater, too. Some maintenances, some repairs and some social obligations can become the cause of it. Avoid significant purchases, if possible. If not, then proceed to them carefully, and from sources you trust. Also, family can stress you quite a few times, but it’s more supportive, too.

Astrology and Magic:

This is quite a strong magical period. Hypnotic and meditative techniques become quite strong. All forms of self healing, too. Philtre, potions, perfumes, oils, charms mantras and the like are also very effective and strong.

That’s all. Have fun and enjoy this New Moon and this waxing Moon period!

Originally appeared on Magical Recipes Online