New Moon in Aries – April 05 2019: Predictions For Each Zodiac Signs



New Moon Predictions for Gemini:

Work and career are probably one of the main focuses of this New Moon and this waxing Moon period. Both supporting and stressful energies are filling this aspect of your life. Avoid big openings and expenses. Proceed carefully and thoughtfully, and you’ll avoid most, if not all, of the traps.

If you proceed like this, actually, things can become quite good. Success and satisfaction can be achieved and your productivity can become much greater than usual. Social life and social connections can help you, a lot, too. At the very least they can support your mood, but, in most cases, not just that. Also, it’s a good period for job hunting, job interviews and hiring new personnel.


New Moon Predictions for Cancer:

The energies of the New Moon and the waxing Moon period are focusing greatly on your work and career. These aspects of your life have been stressing you, or troubling you, quite so, and, most probably, they’ll continue doing so during this period. But things are changing. Not on their own, but they can change significantly and in a good way, too.

Job hunting needs effort, but it is auspicious. Expanding your business and your field of knowledge, too, but don’t become too daring on this. Travelling is auspicious. People from other counties can become of great help and, also, long distance relationships receive very supporting influences.


New Moon Predictions for Leo:

You are one of the luckiest zodiacs of this New Moon and this waxing Moon period, most probably. Your mood, your emotional health and in a lesser degree your physical health and your job need some extra attention. Also, studies can be quite stressful and traveling for work can become even more stressful.

Other than those, though, things are good and pleasant. Love and sex life can become quite pleasant and, even, lucky. Meeting new people is possible. In fact, if you are searching and hunting for some, the most difficult part will be choosing the right one, in most cases. Work and health also receive very good energies, despite the occasional stress. Income can also be benefited.


New Moon Predictions for Virgo:

This New Moon and this waxing Moon period affect you greatly, as your governor is rather busy and extremely active during the whole period. On the negative side, almost nothing feels just-right. This is partly because you demand too much from yourself and your life. Practicing some gratitude for whatever you have and have achieved can help you a lot more than just better your mood. Also, sex life can be a little… not so satisfactory.

On the other hand, love life, in general, seems to be quite happy and pleasant. Strengthening, healing and bettering an existing relationship receives much stronger positive vibes, than finding a new relationship does, but the latter receives some support, too. Friendships, also, receive this influence, in a lesser degree, though. Family and home can ask for your time and energy, but they will also provide you with some joy.


New Moon Predictions for Libra:

Your spouse, your family in general and your business partners, in a lesser degree, can stress you, during this period. See these unpleasant situations as a hint on how to better your relationship with them and your life.

Work, on the other hand, seems mostly good and quite productive. At times quite busy and demanding, but, if you give your best to it, it will reward you generously. Money wise and otherwise. Finding new employees, new partners, and whomever else you may need, is possible, too. Also, this is a good period to invest in your most important friendships and relationships and to build stronger and healthier bonds with them.


New Moon Predictions for Scorpio:

Work can become very busy and, mostly, in a stressful way. Work load that you have neglected can come to haunt you, too. Other obligations you have neglected can also become very demanding and pressing, during this period. Health needs some attention, too. Finding time to rest and relax properly will help greatly.

Despite the stress, work can be quite productive and profitable, too. Finding a new job is also possible. Also, friends can make your period a much better and much more pleasant one. Invest in them, as much as you can. The same goes for your spouse or love. Also, finding a new love is not out of the question. Meeting new, interesting people, romantically or otherwise, is also possible.


New Moon Predictions for Sagittarius:

Your governor in your zodiac receives both stressful and supporting influences, as well as it turns into retrograde motion. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that this New Moon and this waxing Moon period affects you, a lot, for better and worse, alike. Well, not alike, actually, as it blesses you more than it stresses you. Furthermore, if you avoid wasting your money and time, things will be even better.

You can become a source of joy for your friends and loved ones, and they enjoy being with you. In the same time, you receive much joy from them, as well. Because of your brilliant radiance, you attract attention, too. Whether this will produce new friends, a new love, new clients, or whatever else, depends on your needs and how you’ll make use of this quality. Finances are also mostly good – if you avoid wastefulness – and finding financial support if you need any, is also possible.