New Moon in Aquarius – 04 February 2019: Predictions for Each Zodiac Sign

 February 04, 2019

New Moon in Aquarius – 04 February 2019 Predictions for Each Zodiac Sign

New Moon Predictions for Gemini:

Love seems pleasant and happy under this New Moon and during the waxing Moon period. This affects mostly those already in a relationship. Those seeking one can also have some luck. Visualization and magic can improve this luck. Friends and acquaintances can have some improvements in their love life. Work also seems pleasant and lucky. This is a good period for making plans and starting long-term projects, or making a progress in such projects you’ve already started. Business partners, if you have any, seem to be more cooperative and more in the same page with you, now.

Your inner world becomes more important, too. Dreams and omens can help you understand yourself better. Life dreams can become more vivid and demanding. Also, respect your need to rest and relax properly.

New Moon Predictions for Cancer:

Work seems rather good and prosperous this period. Opportunities to find a better and more satisfactory job, to expand your business, or to achieve a promotion or a significant success in your work can appear. Jobs related to physical and mental health, as well as teachers of all kinds, priests, and students, will experience these influences even more strongly. Artistic kind of jobs will also feel them quite a lot.

Health also receives beneficial influences. Healing and self-healing, too. This New Moon and waxing Moon period is a good one for energy healers to better their abilities. In the same time, it’s a good period to check your health, if you think you need to. Also, problems you haven’t noticed may become more obvious for you to notice and, successfully, deal with them.

New Moon Predictions for Leo:

Love life seems rather pleasant and lucky under the influences of this New Moon and this waxing Moon period. Those in a relationship can make this relationship better, healthier, and steadier. More official, too, in some cases. You can also renew your relationship if this is what it needs. Those seeking a relationship will have more opportunities, as your attractiveness and seductiveness are getting much stronger. Work environment and other environments where you spend much of your time are very possible sources of these new love interests.

Work also seems to be going nicely. During the second half of the waxing Moon probably better than during the first half. At least regarding money and rewards of all kinds. The whole period, though is quite good and helpful, regardless. After the 14thof the month try to avoid risky decisions. If you avoid this, then things can become even better.

New Moon Predictions for Virgo:

Home, family and whatever you consider as your environment receive much focus from this New Moon and the waxing Moon period. Bettering this environment can happen. Partly without even your effort, in some cases, but if you actually try to make a change there, it will happen easier than you’d expect. Also, health issues, both yours and of a family, or like-a-family, a member will have pleasant progress, too.

Love life also seems happy. Those in a relationship will enjoy this influence more than those seeking one, but you will also enjoy it to some degree. Also, work seems easier than usual. Until the 10th of the month things are proceeding as if on their own, while after then, your efforts seem to have double the results.

New Moon Predictions for Libra:

Love life is what receives the greatest focus of this New Moon and this waxing Moon period. Singles will enjoy this influences more so than those in a relationship, as they’ll have many opportunities to meet with new potential loves. Especially until the 10th of the month do your best to meet with as many people as possible, as until then the influences are even stronger. Also, going out and having fun, makes you even more attractive. Your friends’, kids’ and other people you know love life can also give you some reasons to be happy.

Work also seems to be good enough. After the 11th of the month, it’s getting even better. Health, too, can have some beneficial progress. This influence is getting even stronger after the 14th. Then on, though, you should be a little more careful when driving or engaging with dangerous activities.

New Moon Predictions for Scorpio:

Love seems pleasant, under the influences of this New Moon and this waxing Moon period. Singles can have some nice opportunities. After the 14th, these opportunities can become even more, or more frequent. That’s a good thing, of course, but make sure you make the right choice, as then your impatience can cloud your judgment.

Work also seems to progress in a good way. It can become quite active, busy and adventurous too. All these are good things but don’t confuse risky for adventurous. After the 14th of the month, things are calming down, in a good way, though. Also, money seems rather lucky during the whole period. In most cases, it comes easier than usual and easier than you’d expect. In the same time, though, it can fly away just as easier. If this is because of wise decisions, then go for it, just make sure not to waste your money.

New Moon Predictions for Sagittarius:

This is a very promising New Moon and waxing Moon period for you. There is generally good luck in everything you do, and it gets even better if you put some effort on it. Work, money, and love will enjoy these influences. After the 14th of the month, though, work becomes the main receiver of this beneficial influences. Making significant progress in the field, then, becomes even more possible. The whole waxing Moon, but especially the days between the 14th and the 18th, will be a very promising period for those seeking a new, or a better job.

Home and family can also play some pleasant role in your life. Making your home more beautiful and more comfortable is possible and it receives auspicious influences.

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