New Moon and Solar Eclipse Predictions – 06 January 2019

 January 06, 2019

New Moon and Solar Eclipse Predictions – 06 January 2019

Predictions for Cancer:

All your important relationships are going through a test under the influence of this New Moon and this Solar Eclipse. Love is not an exception, of course, and the same goes for business partners. All problems in those relationships can become more vivid and loud. Just keep in mind that this is a healing procedure. Relationships with strong and healthy foundations have the chance to become even stronger and healthier. Of course, those relationships which are unhealthy to begin with will, most probably, end.

This is a very spiritual New Moon and Solar Eclipse for everyone, but even more so for you. Your intuition, empathy and your other spiritual abilities become rather strong and active. This is good, of course, and it can help you develop them even more. In the same time, though, it makes you more sensitive in the negative feelings and thoughts of those around you. So, do make sure to support and protect yourself.

Predictions for Leo:

Work becomes quite important to you under this New Moon and this Solar Eclipse. It can also become quite stressful. Too many obligations and maybe a disorganised environment in your place of working can be the cause of it. Also, changes, some of them you may expect and some, maybe, not, can happen. A change in your job is also possible, whether you were planning for it, or not.

Health and daily life are also under some stress, and so is your psych. Therefore, resting properly and dedicating some time a day to yourself will help you a lot. Keep in mind that psychological health is just as important – and sensitive – as the physical one. Sexual health, in particular, is more sensitive. Overall, the Solar Eclipse is teaching you how to enjoy your life and your relationships more. These lessons may occasionally come in an ugly face, but they are valuable and good lessons.

Predictions for Virgo:

Love life is certainly the main focus of this New Moon and this Solar Eclipse. Existing relationships will be tested. Good relationships can have the opportunity to become stronger, while unhealthy ones will show their true colours and they will, most probably, end. Hence, regardless how stressful and unpleasant this procedure is, it is a beneficial one. Therefore, looking at the big picture, there is no reason to worry about it. For the singles, it is possible to find a relationship, in fact. Nonetheless, what the Eclipse is mostly trying to do is to help you see the reasons you don’t have the relationship of your dreams. Your mistakes and and your unhelpful ways of thinking and acting. Learn them, and change them.

Business partnerships and other important relationships can go through a similar procedure, but not an as severe one. Also, whatever has to do with computers, high-tech equipment and the internet needs some extra attention. Updating your antivirus and firewall and backing up your important files can be a great help.

Predictions for Libra:

This New Moon and Solar Eclipse affect your physical health and, even more, your emotional health and well being. Make sure you rest properly and you are taking a good care of yourself. If you are dealing with any such issues developments can happen in a rapid way. Changes of doctors or treatment protocols can be one such way. In most cases, though, the developments will be good ones. They can become stressful, though, nonetheless.

Home and family are also affected. Health issues in the family can become stressful and demanding, but, once again, the developments are most likely to be good ones. Home may need some repairs, or something similar. This isn’t the best time to move to a new home, if you can postpone it. Work can also become stressful and, maybe, unlucky. Most likely, though, not very much so. Career changes, or thoughts of a similar concept can also take place.

Predictions for Scorpio:

This New Moon and Solar Eclipse affect you quite a lot, but mostly in a good way. Yes, stress can be all over the place, as well as a chaos, at least seemingly. Nonetheless, progress can happen on whatever goal you may have. In some cases, in a very rapid or unexpected way, too. Career and studies receive this influences quite strongly, but these aren’t the only aspects of your life that they effect.

Friendships and romantic relationships will be tested. For either kind of a relationship, the good ones, the ones with strong foundations, will become stronger and better, if you heal the problems that will become so clearly obvious, under this Solar Eclipse. The unhealthy ones, though, can end. If so, let them end. This is, too, a way of healing your life and your social circle.

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