New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Leo – August 11

 August 10, 2018

New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Leo – August 11

Parents, bosses and other such figures can be stressed in many ways, including receiving slandering. Also, your health needs some attention on your part. Resting enough and properly can help a lot. It can actually be all you need, in most cases.


Predictions for Sagittarius:

Travelling can call for you this period. And, reluctantly, I won’t advise you to avoid it altogether, but try to avoid it the days close to the Solar Eclipse. Other than that, this Eclipse is mostly a reminder of the previous Solar Eclipse. Many patterns are repeating. Students of all kinds, including spiritual students, have more stress to deal with than the rest. This can produce changes in your studies which can manifest not only during this period but until the 23rd of December when the next Ecliptic period will start.

Also, siblings and sibling figures may have to deal with some stress regarding their love life, including marriages.


Predictions for Capricorn:

This Solar Eclipse happens in you 8th house while the general ruler of the 8th house, Pluto, is in your zodiac. The Other World doesn’t seem so distant. In a mundane level, this means you should pay good attention of your health, both physical and psychological. Accidents are possible, depressing thoughts can become strong. Thoughts of death or your beloved departed too. In a more spiritualistic level, this means the dead can contact you, or accept your attempts to contact them. Overall the Solar Eclipse will help you cut distractions, self-restrictions and ways you waste your energy and time, in order to live the life you want. But, this isn’t necessarily a pleasant procedure. But keep that in mind, so that you won’t lose your path.

Spouse’s or current love’s finances may undergo a change, willingly or not. If so, it’s likely to be a significant one.


Predictions for Aquarius:

The Solar Eclipse testes your love life, as did the previous one. Singles are unlikely to create a new, good relationship during this period, although karmic relationships can actually manifest. Those in a relationship may have to deal with much stress in it. Your other half may be burdened by many problems, some of them you may not be aware about. So, try to be calm, patient and understanding. Of course, this doesn’t mean you should lose your self-respect, but quieting down the ego can help a lot. Good and strong relationships have nothing to fear, but those without strong foundations are in real danger.

Health also seems sensitive. This effect will start calming down significantly when the Retrograde Mars will leave your zodiac on the 18th. Until at least then, be as careful as you can be, and take good care of yourself.


Predictions for Pisces:

This Solar Eclipse seems a lot like a repetition of the previous one, as it affects both work and health in similar ways. In fact, it can also stress them more. So try to be calm and rest well, in order to be able to deal with whatever comes more easily. The good news is, this Solar Eclipse seems to try to conclude the situations there, so it’s more likely that things will have cleaned up until the coming Full Moon.

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