New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Leo – August 11

 August 10, 2018

New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Leo – August 11


Predictions for Leo:

This Solar Eclipse affects you very strongly. All Solar Eclipses do so, as they affect your governor, the Sun, but this one happens in your zodiac, too, where the Sun currently is, as well. So, it’s only natural that it will affect you more. As this Solar Eclipse happens in your first house it can affect all aspects of your life, but mostly it affects the way you see yourself and the way you want others to see you. Redefining these, and changing them, is what you are mostly doing under the influences of the Eclipse. Whatever other aspect of your life is affected, it most probably is so to force you to change yourself. For the better.

Your health seems mostly good, but some detoxing or cleansing of some kind may become necessary. In actuality, your body may demand it. This can feel like you are in bad health, but it’s just a necessity to make your overall health better.


Predictions for Virgo:

Your spiritual abilities can become very strong under the influences of this Solar Eclipse. Strong, doesn’t necessarily mean balanced and reliable, though. So, make use of those abilities you can control and practice the rest – if you want to – but don’t rely on them. Spiritual schools, teachers, and organizations you are involved with may undergo some changes or problems. You may also change the ones you are involved with for others, better for you. When on the 22nd Sun enters your zodiac all these will take their rightful place and things will be better.

Other than that, friends and relatives may face some financial problems or challenges, but your own financial situation is mostly good. Try, though, to avoid borrowing money you need to others.


Predictions for Libra:

Once again your high-tech equipment is getting under test. Maybe even new stuff you’ve bought recently can act problematically, permanently or occasionally. In the same time, though, form the 13th until the 22nd your ability to select the best such equipment rises, so it’s a good period to purchase such equipment. It’s also a good period to learn more about them and how they work. Your friendships are still not safe, but things are getting better in this field.

Family can stress you in many ways. Children may have some problems in their social life, love relationships, or marriages. Parents and parental figures may be facing some financial challenges. And family members, in general, may face some health problems. Even if this is a psychological issue rather than of the body, keep in mind it may be or feel quite serious for them.


Predictions for Scorpio:

This Solar Eclipse also challenges your career. Some things change, and some things you have to change. Neither of them is likely to feel pleasant while you are doing it. Amongst these changes, cutting down your personnel is a possibility. Whatever you need to decide, decide it calmingly and wisely, and then follow it with determination. This effect of the eclipse will be active until the next ecliptic period, starting on the 23rd of December.

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