New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Leo – August 11

 August 10, 2018

New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Leo – August 11

General Predictions for the Solar Eclipse in Leo:

On August 11 at 9:59 UT the Moon meets the Sun in Leo, forming the New Moon. And this New Moon is also a Solar Eclipse and the third and last Eclipse of this Ecliptic Period.

The New Moon will also initiate an exactly 18 hours long void of course Moon period, which will last until 3:59 UT of the 12th. So, my advice is, not only during the void of course period but also until the Full Moon of the 26th of August, be very careful before initiating new projects, signing new contracts and anything that we usually advice avoiding during the void of course Moon. I’m not saying to avoid them for the waxing period. Just to be more careful and to research things more thoroughly and anything else appropriate for each individual case.

Jupiter in Scorpio and the Retrograde Mercury in Leo are also affected quite strongly by the Solar Eclipse. Them being in a square, accurately just a few hours before the Eclipse, makes this effect even stronger. Communications, transportations and their equipment, trade of all kinds, spirituality and the spiritual arts, and all other forms of the arts, as well as the artists, receive this pressure. Keep in mind, though, this pressure may take the form of stress and difficulties, but it won’t be necessarily bad. In fact, in most cases, the final outcome will be a beneficial one, as long as we deal with the situations carefully and wisely.

Magic will be strong, but maybe a bit uncontrollably so. Communications with the spirits can become intense and not reliable. If you are working your magic with the help of familiars and other spirits, be extra careful and make sure you know exactly what you are doing, exactly what you are asking for, and from whom you are asking it. Choosing the wrong wording, or the wrong (not necessarily bad, but may be incompatible spirit) can give you undesired results, or results you can’t handle.

The moment of the Solar Eclipse 60% of the major planets is in retrograde motion. This, along with the void, of course, Moon long-lasting effect – if you permit the expression – make this Eclipse the most difficult one, on some regards. So, do your best to keep your schedule flexible and do find enough time to rest and relax. Acting should come after a lot of consideration, when possible, but sometimes this won’t be possible. Keeping our schedules flexible and ourselves well rested means we will most likely have the energy, the time and the clarity of mind to react wisely whenever we don’t have the luxury to take our time to examine the best possible reaction.

The good news about that point is that as the days proceed, this effect of the Solar Eclipse calms down significantly. This happens not only because the influence of the Eclipse calms down a bit day by day until the Full Moon, but also because Mercury turns in to direct motion on the 18th. Mars abandoning Aquarius and entering Capricorn also helps a bit. This is mostly because from there it will form a week in conjunction with Pluto.

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