Never Be a Prisoner of Your Past

Never Be a Prisoner of Your Past

Never be a prisoner of your past, it was just a lesson not a life sentence.

12 thoughts on “Never Be a Prisoner of Your Past”

  1. they can keep there burn,,,,,it all comes back,,,,you bitches are marked by great spirit,,,,,,,to make me homeless —-try to commit me ,,,,,your time will come no-one is exempt from kharma,it will all return to you 10 fold!!when that time comes when you are on your knees in this life or the next think back cus you had it comin to you for what you did to me,….freedom of speach is on my side..

  2. Sadly …mistakes can sometimes be life long. I used to think this very quote..but its not real. All we can do is learn and grow from that mistake.

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