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The Major Cause of Chronic Depression and How You Can Turn It Off

Major Cause of Chronic Depression

Detox your life of toxic people: 

Until you gain control of your mind, do your best to be around positive people. If you can’t detox your life of certain people, get a good pair of headphones and use them whenever you need to block out the negativity of others. Better yet, set boundaries.

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Set boundaries: 

When I first detoxed my life of negativity, I would literally tell any negative speaking people, “I’m sorry, you probably didn’t know this, but I don’t allow anyone to talk negatively about me or around me.” I would say it very nicely and I would smile. Often people would respond with an apology or they would just change the subject. Either way, it always worked.

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Saturate your mind: 

Saturate your mind with positive YouTubes, books, and music – anything that makes you feel good and moves you in the direction of focusing on the positive.

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Practice imagining: 

Practice imagining your perfect life as if it has already happened. Indulging your imagination will unlock the positivity that already exists inside you. It is also a great idea to pre-pave your day by imagining how you desire your day to unfold.

Positive questions: 

Ask yourself positive questions, such as, “What is the best that can happen?” Your mind will sort for all the good that can happen and then you are automatically thinking positive thoughts.

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Be kind: 

be kind to stop negative thinking
The Major Cause of Chronic Depression and How You Can Turn It Off

If you have been practicing negative thinking your whole life, it might take some time to shift. Be determined to do so, but also be kind, patient, and loving with yourself. Judging yourself for negative thinking is just more negative thinking on top of negative thinking.


Instead of feeling sorry for someone or worrying about others, imagine those who have challenges overcoming those challenges – see them strong, happy, and successful. The most that we can ever do for another is to imagine them at their very best.

Isn’t this “Pollyanna” thinking?

Yes, of course, it is! Pollyanna was a fictional character who saw the good in everyone and everything and as a result, she transformed an entire town from dreary to full of life. The point is, the irrepressible optimism of “Pollyanna Philosophy” absolutely works!

Whatever you focus on you create more of – so why focus on what you do not want? Why not change your perspective and look for the good in everyone and everything? Yes, sometimes you do have to look deeper than the surface, but it is always there, and you will find it if you really look.

Miracles are ready to blossom in even the most discouraging of circumstance.

Your mind is priceless technology that when used properly can attract and create the most amazing of beautiful experiences, but you must take the captain’s seat. No one can do it for you. You must do it for yourself.

Yes, it might take some time, but time is going to pass anyway, so you might as well utilize that time to find your way to a path that will take you where you want to go – a path that will free you from depression and grant you access to joy, peace, wellness, and abundance. It is a path worth taking!

Written By:  Nanice Ellis
Originally Appeared On:  Nanice

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

How to get out of chronic depression?

The first step you can take to get out of chronic depression is to get yourself out of negative thinking. Consider getting long-term maintenance treatment in order to prevent those fear-based ill thoughts.

How negative thinking affects your health?

Negative thinking causes chronic stress and depression that can make you feel worthless. These fear-based thoughts lead to a high level of anxiety and also can damage your immune system.

Can chronic depression cause brain damage?

Chronic depression causes decreased neural connectivity and damage in the brain’s anterior parts. The person may experience difficulties remembering and concentrating also performing cognitive functions.

Cause of Chronic Depression and How You Can Turn It Off
The #1 Cause of Chronic Depression and How You Can Turn It Off
Major Cause of Chronic Depression pin
The Major Cause of Chronic Depression and How You Can Turn It Off
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