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10 Negative Traits Of Each Zodiac Sign Revealed

Undeniable Negative Traits Of Each Zodiac Sign

4. Negative Traits Of Cancer (22 June – 22 July)

Undeniable Negative Traits Of cancer
10 Negative Traits Of Each Zodiac Sign Revealed

i. Sensitive

Due to their sensitive nature, they require encouragement and appreciation from their loved ones. They can get easily hurt and they can’t accept rejection or failure.

ii. Too Cautious

These people are hard on the outside and soft on the inside. This way they try to shield themselves from being hurt and that is why they are too cautious. They are keen observers and take their sweet time to trust others. They have to learn to overcome their insecurity.

iii. Moody

They are emotional and they can take their emotional outbursts to a whole new level. They are introverted and tend to bottle up emotions in themselves. Because of these conflicted emotions, their mood is always in flux.

iv. Overemotional

Cancer people are all about emotions and their family is everything to them. This is the sign of highly emotional people who want reciprocal gestures of love and care. If someone doesn’t treat them well, they get hurt easily and find it difficult to cope

v. Unpredictable

Because of their constantly changing mood and habit of blowing things out of proportion, Cancerians can be very unpredictable.

vi. Sentimental

They can get into their shell anytime and their mood swing could be so terrible that it also affects those around them. They cannot take harsh words or criticism. Cancer-born tend to have difficulty with letting go, they often keep old souvenirs and memories.

vii. Anxious

Cancerians are too much insecure about things. This makes them anxious as they are living their life worrying that everyone is out to get them.

viii. Pessimistic

Cancers tend to be very pessimistic maybe because of their sensitive nature. They are always jumping to the worst conclusions and preparing themselves for the worst outcome.

ix. Clingy

They are unbelievably clingy. They desire deeper, meaningful relations and when they don’t feel secure in someone’s life, they become a moody clingy mess and take everything personally.

x. Reserved

Cancer-borns are usually reserved and guarded. They lack the ability to express themselves properly and that is why they tend to put up a wall between themselves and the outside world.

5. Negative Traits Of Leo (23 July – 22 August)

Undeniable Negative Traits Of leo
10 Negative Traits Of Each Zodiac Sign Revealed

i. Dominating

It is a sign that signifies power, leadership, and creativity. They are born leaders and possess a dominant nature which may not go down well with others. They are extremely independent and do not like being controlled

ii. Self-centered

This sign attracts the limelight. They dislike not being treated like a king or queen. Leos always expect admiration from others. That is why sometimes this sign can be arrogant and rude.

iii. Possessive

Sharing is not Leo’s thing. Leos are truthful and honest, but often get competitive and due to that have a tendency to become bitter, severe, and over-critical.

iv. Extreme Pride

This lion is extremely proud. But this kind of pride often prevents them from being honest with themselves and other people. They are not at all ready to acknowledge their mistakes let alone learn from them.

v. Arrogant

They enjoy having the best of everything and they themselves want to be the best in everything. They have high confidence in themselves and refuse to be submissive in any situation, while this is a positive trait but that is what makes them arrogant.

vi. Head-strong

At times they could be stubborn and don’t understand the other’s point of view. They are not good at considering alternate approaches. They only follow their curiosity as long as their ego permits it.

vii. Self-Satisfied

Leo tends to stick to their comfort zones because that’s where they excel. They nurture their ego and are convinced that their need, choices, and opinions should come in first.

viii. Sensitive to Criticism

Leos think so highly of themselves that they are pretty much vulnerable to criticism. They will shut themselves against it which prevents them from benefitting from constructive criticism.

ix. Impatient

They have the attitude of doing everything at once. This eagerness can make them anxious and it can even lead to failure.

x. Anger

The Fire element sometimes gets blinded by arrogance. Leos’s impatience and aggressiveness make them prone to anger. Being a fire sign, Leos hates to play mind games and gets mad when others do so.

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6. Virgo (23 August – 23 September)

Undeniable Negative Traits Of virgo
10 Negative Traits Of Each Zodiac Sign Revealed

i. Overcritical

Virgos give great attention to details in anything that they get involved in. They get stuck up so much in detail that they become overly critical about matters which nobody else seems to care about.

ii. Perfectionist

They are the perfectionist of the zodiac signs. They seek perfection in everything and always looking for defects to improve on. Virgos take it too far by becoming hypercritical and judgmental against others as well as themselves.

iii. Pessimist

Virgos’ expectations are so high that sometimes it becomes impossible to meet them and the neat picker Virgo goes into a dark mood when everything doesn’t fall in its perfect place.

iv. Fussy

Virgos are always demanding perfection from others and that can be annoying when they are always looking for improvements. They have strong likes and dislikes and these two characteristics together can make them quite fussy.

v. Self-Criticism

They are always looking for opportunities to grow. In this process, they become overanalytical of their own actions and tend to push themselves and demand more and more from themselves.

vi. Skeptical

Virgos strongly believe in the give and take policy. They don’t trust kindness. They are constantly analyzing people and situations and that makes them prone to skepticism.

vii. Excessive Worrying

People born under this zodiac sign are overthinkers. Although they are always on a hunt to find solutions, they worry a lot about everything, their success, family friends, relationships, kids, etc.

viii. Controlling

Virgos are controlling but not in a dominating way, it’s because failure it’s not an option for them. They cannot trust others with their expectations thus finds a hard time letting go of their control.

ix. Harsh

They are highly practical individuals. However, their harshness does not always go down well with the people around them.

x. Conservative

Virgos strictly believe in values and principles. They understand traditions and are a bit old-fashioned too. But the problem arises when they force their principles on others.

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