I have this strange fascination with the moon, not the one seen at night but the one was seen at 6 a.m. just as the sun is about to come up again to wake the world. The rain at early mornings where The drops of water lightly touching the roof makes me feel like I’m drowning in the safest sound.

The darkness, not the one found inside my room but the one where everyone is too afraid of to explore to even notice the wild things it beholds. The world at 3 a.m. when everybody else is asleep and I feel like I could do anything I thought was impossible before.. like walking down the street naked.


I like things that people aren’t likely to see or even bother to take a second look at.


and maybe that’s why I am drawn to you.


I am enamored with the idea that I get to keep beautiful things for myself… even just for a few minutes.


and if everyone else feels that it’s selfish, then I’m selfish because the world seems to get more of you than I do.


You- the most beautiful thing I have ever known.


You- the person I am totally, utterly, pathetically, and tragically in love with.


You are a lot of things, my darling.


The forest fire waiting to consume everything in its path.


The disruptive storm in my calm,


The disaster waiting to happen.


You’re the cause of all these things.


and surely–


You’re the only one who can cure them.



This is the kind of strange I can live with- loving someone who could destroy me infinite time more.


Love does a lot of things to someone. You lose your other senses but it’s pretty much worth it.


You’re worth it.


Again, by the infinite time more.


Wild things are not easy to love but you took out all the complexities with your dashing smile.


Broken things aren’t so easy to handle but if you want, I’d help you to put everything back together- not in the way that they were before but close enough that you’d still have an old piece of you to hold on to.


darling, I’d do just about anything for you.


but I think I’m a fool, for thinking you’d ever feel the same too.


and so I do think that there are stranger things in life than loving someone who’s tainted and flawed and a little broken.


It is the part where you love someone without them knowing about it. It’s the part where you adore everything in silent. It’s the painful part of giving something and not expecting anything in return…..


because you love that person without knowing how or when or why.


you just… do.

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