Nature And Science

She was born from the energy of the Universe,                                                                                                       Which is defined in beautiful verse.

Star Dusts are the one fill us with lives                                                                                                               Like bees fill the honey in their hives.

The double-stranded DNA complementing each other,                                                                                 Are the yin and yang of the nature which keeps us together.

From ozone to ores, everything involves chemistry,                                                                                       Not all is known, some still is mystery.

All the equations of science are for ideal conditions,                                                                                   Even simple addition can fail in genetic mutations.

Like straws are used to weave a basket,                                                                                                                 The network of signaling are in cascade.

The nature taught us how to dance,                                                                                                                     Like leaves of trees flow with air when it gets chance.

The moon raises the tides so luxuriously,                                                                                                                It is due to the gravity’s intoxicating melody.

The universe expands to infinity increasing its randomness,                                                                          While nature works in equity to maintain balance.

The need of technology update today is biggest,                                                                                                   Even in evolution, it is the survival of the fittest.



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