The 2 Different Kinds of People in a Narcissist’s Life

The 2 Different Kinds of People in a Narcissist's Life

People, who gradually get to know the real face of narcissists tend to ask me that,

” how do narcissists get away with doing the same thing every time?”.

The answer is because we let them. Time and again, we have felt that what is happening is wrong, or this person is trying to manipulate me, but we choose to let it go because we love them.

The silver lining in this extremely toxic cycle is that when people get to understand the true nature of a narcissist, they HATE them. And this shields them from being manipulated or coerced by a narcissist ever again.

There are a certain comfort and validation that comes from speaking to someone that really KNOWS how the narcissist’s eyes get beady, how his body language gets squirmy when he’s being called on the carpet for something. To know that I’m telling a story to someone that can smell his narcissism the same way I do, somehow lets my healing seep deep into my bones. I KNOW, they KNOW.

Finally, I think we found catharsis in saying that the one thing we know for certain is that the line of witnesses that would like to be present to watch the narcissist finally get what’s coming to him, is a number well into the hundreds. I pictured myself raising a toast to all those fellow survivors and breathing a big sigh of relief.

Check out this video to know more about how a narcissist functions:

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The 2 Different Kinds of People in a Narcissist's Life

The 2 Different Kinds of People in a Narcissist's Life


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