10 Reasons Why Narcissists Target Married People

Reasons Why Narcissists Target Married People

Accordingly, with motivating factors in place and any potential concerns either not applicable or easily addressed, we commence our pursuit.

Why do we consider that this married target will succumb to our seduction? Leaving aside our belief in our irresistible qualities, our brilliance, and magnetism there are a number of reasons why we see it as likely that these people will fall under our spell.

8 Reasons Why Narcissists Think Their Married Targets Will Fall For Them

1. The married targets we lock on to are of course of similar make-up to our targets who are single.

Namely, they have the relevant empathic, class, and special traits as explained in Sitting Target: How and Why the Narcissist Chooses You. Moreover, the people we target are susceptible to being drawn to our kind. They have an inherent vulnerability to our kind and being married does not mean this vulnerability has vanished.

2. The married target may already be with one of our kind.

Thus, whilst the Lesser and Mid-Range will not recognize this, they will instinctively have identified a person who is susceptible to them also AND will invariably be devalued (or is being devalued) and therefore allows the incoming narcissist to play the role of rescuer. It is the case that our kind will steal empaths from one another. The Greater Narcissist will of course recognize one of the brethren and use this to his advantage in spiriting away the empathic married target.

3. The married target might actually be one of our kind and the Lesser and Mid-Range have not spotted one another.

The married target is of course absolutely game for infidelity and whilst the outcome will be the relevant conclusion of a romantic collision between the relevant school of narcissists, the fact that the married target is a narcissist means that the coupling is going to occur.

4. We see how people’s lives become humdrum and monotonous.

We do not recognize the deep-seated bond between two people because we are incapable of attachment ourselves. We do not pay heed to the stability that some relationships acquire through the passage of time. What we see instead is someone who must be bored with the same routine (because of course, we become bored easily and therefore judge others in a similar vein) but our magical thinking means they cannot possibly become bored with us.

Whilst we may not play the abuse card, we still see this person as stuck in a rut, fed-up, in need of spice and adventure, and of course as the dazzling whirlwind that we are, we arrive and provide that all. Who could fail to be excited by such a marvelous array of glitter, gold, and garnish?

5. People always have something to complain about with regard to their spouse.

He isn’t romantic anymore, she has let herself go, we never do anything together, she just wants to watch television, he won’t show any interest in what I do, he insists on going fishing every weekend, he snores and it drives me nuts and so on.

Whether it is significant or trivial, we will count on these facts and uncover them and use them to our advantage. We will heighten our attractiveness based on this (for instance asking you all about your interest in 18th-century literature) and denigrate the spouse’s unattractive trait (i wouldn’t go fishing if I could go to the theatre with you instead). Of course, this is just part of the lying and mirroring that we do.

6. Our split thinking will automatically paint your spouse as the villain of the piece.

His concern about where you are is painted as him trying to control you. His friendly demeanor with other women is evidence of his flirtatious nature.

Our insidious techniques drip-feed dissent and play with your mind. We dangle the golden carrot in one hand and pump toxic lies over your spouse with the other, looking to steadily tip the scales in our favor.

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