Narcissists And Psychopaths Love To Stay Friends With Their Exes

Narcissists And Psychopaths Love To Stay Friends With Their Exes

If you want to know more about why narcissists stay friends with their exes, then check out this video below:

Narcissists And Psychopaths Love To Stay Friends With Their Exes
Narcissists Love To Stay Friends With Their Exes

Narcissists And Psychopaths Love To Stay Friends With Their Exes

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33 thoughts on “Narcissists And Psychopaths Love To Stay Friends With Their Exes”

  1. Or maybe they are just mature and don’t feel the need to hold on to hate?

    I would have remained friends with all my ex’s. There was no reason to hate just because we are different and don’t agree on everything.

    Some people work better as friends as opposed to couples. It definitely requires maturity though.

  2. The Minds Journal i think you are misunderstanding the meme, it does not mean the same thing the way YOU said it! while yes narcissists keep their ex’s around probably so they can still use & control them. however, it does not mean that EVERYONE who is friends with an ex is a narcissist!

  3. Psychopathy: A Misunderstood Condition
    Psychopathic personality is widely misunderstood, and there are a host of misconceptions regarding this condition.
    Psychopathic personality (psychopathy) is NOT equivalent to:
    • Violence
    • Serial Killing
    • Psychosis
    • Mental Illness (Psychopathology) in General
    • Antisocial Personality Disorder

    Psychopathy IS:
    A constellation of traits that comprises affective features, interpersonal features, as well as impulsive and antisocial behaviors. The affective features include lack of guilt, empathy, and deep emotional attachments to others; the interpersonal features include narcissism and superficial charm; and the impulsive and antisocial behaviors include dishonesty, manipulativeness, and reckless risk-taking. Although psychopathy is a risk factor for physical aggression, it is by no means synonymous with it. In contrast to individuals with psychotic disorders, most psychopaths are in touch with reality and seemingly rational. Psychopathic individuals are found at elevated rates in prisons and jails, but can be found in community settings as well.

  4. To label someone ether of those is extremely ignorant and irresponsible. Psychopathy involves a rigourus checklist to determine whether or not some is. To say some one is based on one stupid thing like the above mentioned is beyond simple minded. Educated yourself, it’s more productive.

  5. Because they don’t have friends! They may have associates through work or spouses. They don’t have friends because they point out any and all deficiencies in others, or, they make them up. They do love to invent! They are very very evil cruel people.

  6. No, true psychopaths create an illusion to keep the friend/lover coming back to them, but eventually they will turn it all around by making the other individual feel bad enough to keep them away from them, but still torture them with other semblances when they do come back, such as showing off an engagement ring to one who they know likes them, or the flowers or nice cards that someone else has given them. While that is a form of jealousy in and of itself, there is also the rationality that when they show off these things, it hurts the other person’s emotions, which they typically do not care about. This sadism allows the ego of the torturer to rise, and instead of quitting, they do it more. So when something of this nature occurs, know that it will most definitely happen again. Don’t waste your time.

  7. Friends??? Ahhhh , i would say i’m civil…past is past i have move on already. Just respect each other for having separate lives. All i want is for him to be happy for me and the kids. Anything that deals with the kids is fine beyond that a big NO

  8. Of course not!!! If you tend to move on and being happy for each other’s lives now, then that’s good. Treasure the good memories and let go of the bad ones. I always believe that if things won’t work out good for both of you then you don’t have to force it. I have experienced some breakups but I always move on to give more value to myself. I always want to stay friends at least to my ex’s. I would be happy if he’s happy after us.. and I also want him to be happy for me.

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