How Narcissists Make You Physically Sick and 5 Ways To Restore Your Health

Narcissists Make You Physically Sick

That’s what the effective and correct inner work is!

That is how you get free from a narcissist.

By continually doing the inner work on all of your fearful triggers that arise, you WILL gain confidence and power in yourself, as well as start to dissolve all of the narcissistic abuse symptoms from within your energy field, because you know that you are safe in your body and safe in life.

And I promise you that you will become more well than you’ve ever been in your entire life.

Just wait and see how life unfolds in all areas, in your favour. The outer follows the inner always!

Step Number 5: Healthy Supplements

On your resurrection path, health and well-being become a focus of nourishing yourself and your life.

When we get better, we do better, and we choose better.

These include things such as eating whole foods and drinking filtered water. Letting go of the addictions and self-medications that we used to turn to so as to avoid our trauma, but yet were hurting us even more.

Hanging out with more positive and much less toxic people.

Engaging in regular healing, healthy time out, and moving your body in ways that generate well-being and confidence.

Staying away from victimized forums and communities where the focus is all about bashing the narcissist, and there is nothing about healing yourself.

Laying boundaries and saying “no” to people and situations that are no longer healthy for you, and being prepared to honor yourself and your values and rights, regardless of what other people are doing.

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All of these things, in combination with your continual deep inner work to release yourself from trauma and reprogram yourself from the inside out, create a formidable plan to getting well and recovering from narcissistic abuse.

In record time and in the most powerful of ways.

So, I hope that this episode has helped give you a clear roadmap of the five ways to improve your health after narcissistic abuse.

If you know it’s your time to start moving into these processes, then come with me by clicking this link. 

And as always, I look forward to answering your comments and your questions below.

Written By Melanie Tonia Evans
Originally Appeared On Melanie Tonia Evans

Narcissists are a different kind of evil altogether, and if you have been with one, you know how true that is. You might not be able to transform a narcissist, but what you can do is take better care of yourself, and protect yourself from their overwhelming toxicity. The moment you realize that narcissists are making you physically sick, pack your bags and leave, and do not look back even for a second. Your mental and physical health should always come first for you.

Narcissists Make You Physically Sick Pin
Narcissists Make You Physically Sick

2 thoughts on “How Narcissists Make You Physically Sick and 5 Ways To Restore Your Health”

  1. Hello i cant say my name but been with a narcissist for 13yrs. The whole aspects for a relationship with one is unrealistic and a nightmare. Youre words are so true its so hard to be this person and be at his will when he called.i was always apologizing and made to think i was just horrible to around and i should be grateful i had him. We hsd a lot of good times to but now i am just so bedside myself and just wish to wake up already. I had a visitor come by and she told me that i was to listen and understand what I was about to hear. People have a there accounts hacked and money was stolen and charhes were filled. I said oh ok im sorry he is like this but she hushed me. It was your email thst was used and you email name. Everything was put for you to take the fall if it were to happen. I was just scared and not sute wjat was about to happen and she let out the most horrid part ever. My ip was pinged when interning a room and it only pings for bad unlawful sites. He was on child porn. On my phone ip. This was just to much i coukdnt stand up to much longer. On my ip and my identity looking at babies. Just a feeling I just csnt explain. Taking up to much just got to talk to someone. He wasn’t done there he took my real phone and has cloned it and put all of it on me and wiped computer’s. I came home and I went to swinging like a mad person to get out.He then plays dumb and says he doesn’t know what im talking about. He left them thankfully. Im ok they have many witnesses thst seen him and they no hes a guy pretending to be a women. Anyways thats my story. Sorry for taking up so much. Thanks for let me share

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