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Narcissistic Triangulation and The ‘Normals’: Why They Behave The Way They Do

Narcissistic Triangulation and The Normals

3. People although kind is not empathic like you.

Therefore, there is a limit to the time and resources they will apply to assist you. People are inward-looking and care more about their own lives than yours.

4. The façade.

Our charm and magnetism have people believing us to be wonderful and decent people. That façade is hard to shatter. And you keep wondering if ‘normals’ are blind or stupid.

5. Coping abilities.

Your coping abilities are eroded and you are worn out. This makes you appear unhinged, hysterical, and thus in keeping with the image that we have spread around that you are The Crazy One.

6. A Quiet Life.

People do not like conflict. They want people to get on and do not want to become involved in other people’s problems.

7. Behind Closed Doors.

People always take the view that there are two sides to every story. They will listen to you but they will think there is likely to be some explanation which means it is not as bad as you are making it out to be.

You are provoking the abuser, you are making it up, you are being too sensitive and taking things the wrong way. The “normal” think life may be different behind closed doors.

8. Preserve the peace.

People want other people to get on, therefore in order to try to preserve the peace, they will suggest that the behavior is not as bad as has been suggested and pressure the victim to go home and sort things out, unaware it is not something that can be sorted out by having a chat and a cup of tea.

9. The tales of abuse.

The awful treatment seems far-fetched that the “normal” cannot believe them. They have no experience of it and combined with the existence of the façade just cannot see how someone could behave in this way. Therefore, their responses will always make you wonder if they are blind or stupid.

All of this results in you trying to persuade people without success which becomes all the more frustrating and distressing for you. Naturally, we know fine well how people will respond to your protestations and the lack of understanding and knowledge about our kind allows us to blend in, move freely around and continue to behave in this manner with impunity.

You are left wondering if the listener is blind or stupid. They are not stupid. But they are blinded to what we really are.

Just like you were as well.

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Written by: HG Tudor
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Narcissistic Triangulation: Are ‘Normals’ Blind or Stupid
Narcissistic Triangulation and The Normals Pin one
Narcissistic Triangulation and The 'Normals': Why They Behave The Way They Do
Narcissistic Triangulation and The Normals Pin
Narcissistic Triangulation and The 'Normals': Why They Behave The Way They Do
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