Narcissistic People Use Denial As A Brainwashing Technique

Expect men and women who are masters of the art of denial to say one thing then do another. Count on if their lips are moving, they are probably lying.

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Denial is something that should be ethical by nature. If someone has no knowledge of something or deny’s being involved with something (or someone), their answer should be true and factually accurate.

A person who cheats actively and openly on a serial basis then gaslights their spouse, friends, and family members into believing they are somehow the victim lies not only his friends and family. They lie to and about their spouse, their paramour or mistress, and reveal nothing but deep, dark, convoluted and wicked truths about themselves.


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Denial used to confuse and frustrate a scapegoat or preferred target in the hopes they will lose either their sanity, reputation, or be effectively brainwashed into doubting themselves or losing their cool? Bottom line, to do so — even for a narcissistic predator — is playing dirty pool. It’s a covert narcissists go to move for a handy-dandy brainwashing trick.

If a victim buys a liar’s false claim and gives he, she, or them credit for having a valid opinion based on their assertions, then the con is complete. A Narcissist only wins when they have a perception they have duped someone, conned, or made a selfish gain at someone else’s expense.

Denial, then, is simply a weak (meaning cowardly) Narcissist’s covert abuse tactic. That, or it’s the psychological refuge, conversationally speaking, of a truly deviant and malevolent person.

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It’s like they live their life thinking they are in a true crime drama. Magically, Narcissists and Sociopathic predators alike seem to think that by looking a victim in the eye and denying having said or done anything malicious to them in private, the moral conversation will go down in cosmic history as “off the record”.

Last we checked any of the reference checks, the Bible, Koran, Hindu religious texts, and Confucian Analects all say the world and all-seeing entities like gods or an omniscient being don’t work like that.

Don’t be brainwashed by someone gaslighting. Gaslighting is covert Narcissistic Abuse at it’s finest.

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