5 Roles We Play In A Narcissist’s Life

Roles We Play In A Narcissist's Life

The empathetic caretakers are very important to the narcissist as they help to feed his massive ego and are mostly gullible. The caretakers play a crucial role in the harem as they help to charm and trap new entrants in the harem. Moreover, they also help to create the illusion that the narcissist is a loving, caring and charitable people.

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4. The devoted enabler

The ride-or-die enablers will support the narcissist and their manipulative ways just to be a part of their lives despite how this may harm or endanger them. These members defend and protect the narcissist regardless of their excessive need for attention, sense of entitlement, absence of accountability or whoever they may hurt. They can do the dirty deeds for the narcissist by shutting down those who ask for justifications from the narcissist and even punish those who deserve according to their leader.

The enablers also act as “flying monkeys” to harass, taunt and bully anyone who can pose a threat to their cult leader. These devoted enablers could be a romantic partner, friends, a sibling, a parent, a spouse, a victim or anyone.

5. The unfortunate scapegoat

And lastly, the scapegoat is worst role you can play in the cult. This unlucky person is the designated target for all the mental and emotional torture and punishment laid out by the narcissist and his cult members. As you serve as the emotional punching bag, you will be harassed, maltreated and picked on in various ways.

Techniques like triangulation, smear campaigns, bullying, gaslighting, projection, and name-calling will be used to break and abuse you. You will be neglected and insulted repeatedly before other members until you become an emotional wreck.

However, you can also get re-idealized and start receiving praise and attention once again as the focus shifts on someone else and you are perceived as useful based on the whims of the narcissist. Hence, any member of the cult can become a scapegoat at any time. 

Such is the world of the narcissist’s harem.

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You’re never enough for a narcissist 

“The sooner you distance yourself the healthier you will become. Narcissism can’t be cured or prayed away. It is a mental disorder that turns the victims of its abuse into mental patients because it causes so much psychological manipulation.” – Shannon L. Alder

If you feel that you are trapped in a narcissistic harem, then start by realizing the reality. Take a good look at your narcissist and see them for who they truly are. They are emotionally immature people who get their kicks by manipulating and controlling people. To the narcissist, you are merely an object to use and play with and eventually to throw away when they are bored with you. 

No matter what you do, you can never be good enough for them. Even though you dedicated yourself to making your narcissist happy, they will always have someone else from their harem to boost their ego.

Even though you are a truly amazing person, they will always want more. And that will come from someone else. This is the reason they have a narcissistic supply.

The only thing you can do to defeat the narcissistic leader is to stop playing their game and cancel your membership to their sickening cult immediately. 

Walk away and never look back!

Narcissistic Cult: The Roles We Play In A Narcissist's Life
The Roles We Play In A Narcissist’s Life
Roles We Play In A Narcissist Life pin
5 Roles We Play In A Narcissist's Life
Roles We Play In A Narcissist's Life pin
5 Roles We Play In A Narcissist's Life

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