19 Things A Narcissist Says and What They Really Mean


11  “Stop living in the past” = Okay. Peace. Can I abuse you now?

12  “She is crazy” = I am getting stressed out because I feel she knows the truth about me and now she is telling everyone about it.

13  “I don’t have anger problem”= How does it matter if I do? I will abuse you no matter what.

14  “I’m upset”= I need you to give me more attention.

15  “I don’t want to communicate.”= I need you to flatter me and pamper me.

16  Cheaters are scum = I am cheating you and you shouldn’t complain.

17  “Nobody likes you” = Nobody likes me but it will be portrayed in a different note.

18  “I am so modest”= You should tolerate my abuse.

19  “You’re the problem” = I am the problem and I don’t care.

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  1. Women are just as guilty of this type of behavior, if not more so, and men are gullible enough to fall for it more often than not. While a number of these items seem spot-on, I take issue with the gender-specific wording, as though all guys are this way. If a guy had written this exact article, but used feminine nomenclatures, he would have been called to the mat.