91 thoughts on “Name one thing you want to do but haven’t done yet”

    1. Kim TenEyck we just have to keep chipping away everyday, each of us that have had the blinders removed, at the apathy that has been programmed in to so many. We can change the world, we can be their voice.

    2. Usha Madan that is the most beautiful of all prayers and I have to believe the enlightenment of the masses will occur as a result. We have to keep praying and keep being their voice, their defenders, living mindfully.

    3. Mary Brinegar Durst yes ,makes sense ,because the magnitude of this practice (animal abuse and the belief that they are created to be eaten by HUMANS )needs Devine intervention 🙁
      Hugs ❤️?

    1. Leah, you will really love skydiving. I did it last year, a tandem and it was wonderful, breathtaking and after doing so, nothing can I say can’t be done by me, life defining. (y)

    1. Rick, did it last year. A tandem Sky dive. I was scared beforehand. I thought to myself, “who would jump out of perfectly good plane.” Let me share with you that it has defined the rest of my life so far. Just turned 57 years old and still remembering having done that dive, I still look up at the sky and say to myself, I was up there once, 14,000 feet in the sky.” Nothing can compare. The beauty from up there is spectacular and the view breathtaking. Do it! You won’t regret having jumped out of that perfectly good plane and it will be more than fun indeed! Blue skies and safe landing to you. (y)

    2. I board. I am glad you had a treasurable experience!but i dont plan to share it . I have done dangerous things in my time that also are not in my planning for the future. I can appreciate those who choose things to enjoy that i wouldnt tho!

  1. Yaar ki marzi ke taabe yaar ka dam bhar ke dekh,
    arz-e-matlab kar ke dekha tark-e-matlab kar ke dekh.
    Be-irada marne wale ba-irada mar ke dekh,
    sab tamashay kar chuka yeh bhi tamasha karke dekh.
    Smart-E-du nya, smart-E-UQ BA, smart-E-ala, smart-E-Smart,
    yani yoon be-aarzu jine ki adat kar ke dekh.
    Husn ki kafir ada’en, ishq ki waraftagi,
    dekhni ho toh kisi se rabt paida karke dekh.
    Har musibat peshqaima hai tere aaraam ka,
    sabr se bhi kaam hai, kuch din musibat bhar ke dekh.
    Maut khud banjayegi tere liye ek zindagi,
    zindagi par marne wale zindagi me mar ke dekh.
    Yaar tera hai toh phir teri hai saari kayenaat,
    sab ko apna karne wale! Us ko apna karke dekh.
    Aagaya “kamil” dam-e-aaqir woh jaan-e-intezaar,
    marne wale chain se mar, dekh ab ji bhar ke dekh.
    Hazrath Kamil rh <3
    Translated from Persian 🙂
    Accept that cosmic energy is love and is one, you drive yourself according to that and accept it then you will realize what is life and everything else that has been created by mind will dissolve one by one and you will be free from the cycle of birth and death. <3

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